Twins troll Travis Kelce over old tweets about AL Central

Seattle Mariners v Cleveland Guardians
Seattle Mariners v Cleveland Guardians / Jason Miller/GettyImages

Did you hear Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are dating?

It’s seems every week something new happens that either takes over the newscyle or gives us a reason to appreciate how oddly satisfying it is to see the couple in a relationship. Oftentimes that Venn diagram is a circle, but if it’s clear Travis Kelce continues to collect wins left and right.

Case in point was this past week when his ascent to even higher levels of fame reached the checkpoint in which his Twitter account was scanned for any Bad Tweets. Usually this is the point where something happy that we’re all enjoying gets Milkshake Duck’d, but Kelce on such an untouchable run that not even digging up old tweets can bring him down.

We’ve seen how unstoppable he is on the football field, but who knew that translated to real life?

Swifties scoured his old tweets this week and found nothing but a dude who loves Chipotle, can’t spell, and has seemingly always been a vibe. He might have been immune to getting Milkshake Duck’d but his old tweets weren’t safe from the Minnesota Twins social media team.

Twins troll Travis Kelce over old tweets about Minnesota owning Cleveland

Leave it to the Twins to humble Kelce during his victory lap this week.

Among the old tweets that folks dug up was one in which a 2010 version of Kelce was trying to reckon with just how far behind the Minnesota his beloved Cleveland Guardians were. The Twins social media team was quick to let Kelce know that while his life has changed a lot in the last 13 years, the Twins domination over Cleveland remains the same.

You love to see it.

To be fair, while the Twins would go on to win the AL Central that year, Cleveland won the division four times between when Kelce sent that tweet and when the Twins responded. Lest we forget there was a World Series trip smack in the middle of that run as well, so things eventually took a turn for the better for Kelce.

If anything, Kelce should realize he’s a kindred spirit with Twins fans. Of the four season the Guardians won the AL Central, three of them ended in postseason losses to the New York Yankees — something the Twins know a thing or two about.

Everyone is better off now than they were back in 2010, though. Kelce is on his way to the Hall of Fame and potentially the alter with Taylor Swift, while the Twins finally ended their 19-year postseason losing streak. Things are looking up for everyone, just like how Cleveland continues to look at Minnesota in the AL Central standings.

I suppose some things change while others remain the same.

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