Sonny Gray brilliantly picks off Vlad Guerrero Jr. to get out of jam in Game 2

Meanwhile, Carlos Correa keeps saving runs left and right in the AL Wild Card.

When the Minnesota Twins paid Carlos Correa $200 million this offseason, they did it with big moments in the postseason in mind.

So far Correa has been worth every penny, making brilliant plays all over the field to help end the Twins miserable playoff losing streak. In Game 1 he bailed out Jorge Polanco and made an amazing play to throw out a runner at home and save a run. He was back at it in Game 2, helping Sonny Gray get out of a jam and keep runs off the board for Toronto.

Gray deserves some credit as well, finding a way to get out of the fifth inning clean despite putting runners in scoring position in a game Minnesota only had a two-run lead in. He was brilliant on the mound all afternoon, but his best move was a throw he made in the opposite direction of the plate.

Sonny Gray, Carlos Correa tag team to pick off Vlad Guerrero and get out of jam in Game 2

In the fifth inning, Toronto had two runners in scoring position and Bo Bichette at the plate in a battle with Sonny Gray. It seemed like Gray might be on the ropes, but he made a brilliant pick-off move to throw out Vlad Guerrero Jr. at second to get out of the jam.

Carlos Correa was on the receiving end of the pick off throw and masterfully applied the tag. Simply put, it was art.

It was the second time in the game that an inexlicable mistake by the Blue Jays seemingly bailed out the Twins. In the fourth inning Toronto manager John Schneider pulled Jose Berrios to gamble on analytical strategy rather than playing the hot hand.

Up to that point, Berrios had struck out five batter and hadn't even come close to allowing a run. As soon as Toronto put Yusei Kikiuchi in the game, Minnesota loaded the bases and scored two runs to break the scoreless tie.

To be fair, the move was designed to get Rocco Baldelli to make changes to his lineup to account for left-handed pitching -- which he did. Both Alex Kirilloff and Matt Wallner were pinch hit for, but the price paid was two runs for the Twins.

Between that move and the Vlad Jr pick off, Toronto was doing all it could to hand the AL Wild Card to Minnesota.

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