Expect low rumbles, rather than big thunder for Twins at the trade deadline

As Minnesota heads to the upcoming trade deadline let's make some prognostications with each position
Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins
Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins / Brace Hemmelgarn/GettyImages

With the MLB Trade Deadline mere hours away, the Minnesota Twins need to figure out what their plan of approach is.

If the front office has already made up its mond on what moves to make — or not make — you wouldn’t know it from the news wire. All has been quiet on the Minnesota front, whether that’s because of inactivity or an airtight seal to prevent leaks is yet to be seen.

What we do know is what the Twins lineup looks like heading into the 11th hour before the deadline passes. Let’s take a look at the key areas of the roster and what it might tell us about what could happen ahead of the deadline passing on Tuesday.

Catcher: Ryan Jeffers and Christian Vasquez will hold down this position for the remainder of the year. It'd be great to get more offensive production, but with each being solid leaders behind the dish, this position stands pat.

Outfield: This is a speculated area where the Twins could make a move for a right-handed bat, but there's obstacles. They're financially committed to Joey Gallo and Max Kepler. Neither of those players are great trade targets for other clubs. I don't see them giving up on Matt Wallner or Trevor Larnach for next year by trading them, I suppose being optionable they could keep them down in the minors. With the solid play of Micheal A. Taylor in center and WIlli Castro as a utility there's just not alot of room out there. It wouldn't be completely strange to see one of the veterans moved they can find the right trade piece. To me, it all still seems unlikely.

Infield: This is an intriguing one, as there's some slight room for a veteran short term slugger at 3B. Correra and Kiriloff are entrenched. Donovan Solano and Kyle Farmer hold down the utility roles. Eduoard Julien is lighting it up at the plate. If Royce Lewis, Jorge Polanco and Nick Gordon come back from injury this would appear to more than shore up the infield for August. Again if the right opportunity came along with out giving up alot, you could see a slugger, ala 1987 Don Baylor come in for some slugging help, but it seems a reach to me.

Starting Pitching: This is the strongest piece of the Twins bar none this season. It's been the back bone and savior of the season. I don't see the Twins adding any starting pitching as we go down the stretch. The other hot rumor is Sonny Gray could be traded for value. While this may have some merit to it, I'd be surpised if it takes shape. Gray has expressed he may not be motivated to pitch beyond this season, which coudl limit his value. Perhaps it's a ploy on his part, I got him seeing this season through with the Twins.

Bullpen: This is an area that we could likely see more movement with Jorge Lopez recently being swapped for Dylan Floro in a change of scenery hopes with both of them. The Twins do need some back end help. If we were to see a major addition it'd likely be in the bullpen. Caleb Thielbar and Brock Stewart are on the mend so the Twins could see them as valuable add backs towards the end of the season.

In all honesty, I don't see a major move coming the Twins way. Dance with the girl you got as they say. If it were to happen it'd likely come in the form of right handed utility/outfield type hitter or a bullpen arm. The Twins brass has surprised us before. Let's see what transpires.