3 Sonny Gray replacements Twins should trade for this offseason

Now that Sonny Gray is gone, who can the Twins replace him with?
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Logan Gilbert

  • 3.0 WAR
  • 190.0 IP
  • 3.73 ERA
  • 3.85 FIP
  • 1.075 WHIP

If the Twins can't land Glasnow -- or don't want to pay a steep price to get him -- a close second could be Seattle's Logan Gilbert.

Gilbert is an excellent young pitcher who might be in an odd-man-out situation with the Mariners. It's sort of like Max Kepler and Jorge Polanco with the Twins, where Seattle could keep him and feel great about having him or trade him and cash in on his trade value to improve the roster.

That's where a deal for Gilbert starts to make the most sense because it feels like what the Twins did last year with Luis Arraez and Pablo Lopez. Seattle has a need for a starting corner outfielder, which makes it a destination for Kepler in a potential deal. A Gilbert trade package centered around Kepler is a good place to start but it won't be enough to get the deal done, and the Twins might have to part with either another good player (like Polanco) or take a risk by trading a top prospect (Brooks Lee has been kicked around Twins Twitter but that feels super steep).

If the Twins find a way to get Gilbert they're landing a guy who might not be just a Robin to Pablo's Batman but perhaps a Superman in the rotation. He has a slightly better WHIP than Glasnow and a better meaner breaking ball than Blackburn. Despite the controversy he got into about how deep into starts he'll go, he pitched almost ten more innings than Sonny Gray did last year, finishing the year with 190 innings. That checks a huge box for the Twins and is the type of workhorse production that could make for a monster front-end rotation in Minnesota.

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