3 Sonny Gray replacements Twins should trade for this offseason

Now that Sonny Gray is gone, who can the Twins replace him with?
Division Series - Houston Astros v Minnesota Twins - Game Three
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Tyler Glasnow

  • 2.0 WAR
  • 120.0 IP
  • 3.53 ERA
  • 2.91 FIP
  • 1.083 WHIP

If the Twins want to go big to replace Gray, then trading for Tyler Glasnow is the way to do it. He's by far the best pitcher on the trade market and short of going for a guy like Yoshinobu Yamamoto or Shōta Imanaga -- which won't happen -- Glasnow is the hottest pitcher available.

There are two caveats to that which could take the Twins out of the running. He's in demand, which means there's already a line of teams trying to pry him away from Tampa Bay. Glasnow is also the option to go with if money isn't an object, which we know it very much is with Minnesota.

Should the Twins take a chance, though, Glasnow could be a replacement for Gray and thensome. He'd legitimately challenge Pablo Lopez as the team's No. 1 pitcher and could give the team two ace starters at the top of the rotation. He pitched a career-high in innings last season, but it was about 60 innings fewer than what the Twins got out of Gray.

That shouldn't hold the team back from getting him, though. Everything else he did within those 120 innings was absolutely phenomenal and Glasnow could be one of the only pitchers who arrives in Minnesota with the chance to replace Gray's Cy Young potential in the first year.