Rocco Baldelli gives an update on where things stand after trading Nick Gordon

San Francisco Giants v Minnesota Twins
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Spring Training is officially underway, which means Minnesota Twins baseball is officially back in our lives.

By and large the Twins failed to deliever on the hype around the team heading into the winter. On the heels of finally snapping a miserable 19-year postseason losing streak, Minnesota made only a handful of moves without accomplishing the biggest goal it had.

Replacing Sonny Gray was never going to be easy, but just how little the Twins did to close the gap has left a sour taste. All winter we knew that Jorge Polanco was the team's most valuable trade chip and all signs indicated he'd be flipped for starting pitching; instead the biggest piece of Seattle's trade package was reliever Justin Topa.

A trade for a frontline starter is still on the table, but it's probably going to happen closer to the trade deadline than Opening Day. Still, there are a handful of moves the Twins can make but manager Rocco Baldelli is more concerned with what he has in the clubhouse than what he doesn't.

Rocco Baldelli comments on possibility of Twins making more roster moves

Baldelli spoke about the moves -- or lack thereof -- the Twins made this winter while noting that losing guys like Nick Gordon meant adding potential impact players like Steve Okert. He also sounded somewhat optimistic that at least a few more moves might happen before Opening Day rolls around.

"We're kind of rounding out the roster right now is what we're doing," Baldelli said. "We'll miss Nick, but we bring in Okert, who is a good left-handed reliever, and a good guy in the clubhouse. These are the things that we're going to just continue to do. We make upgrades when we can and maybe we still have some more moves to make at this point."

Rocco's comments are a bit more toned down than when he told Dan Barreiro on KFAN last month that he'd bet on a big move happening. To be fair, not long after he said that the Twins traded Polanco to Seattle, but it wasn't exactly the splashy move fans were hoping for.

The next moves Minnesota makes might not be limited to free agents and trades, which is the narrow lens we've all been looking through this winter. Now that Spring Training has arrived, prospects start entering the equation in ways they didn't before.

Minnesota still needs to find right-handed hitting outfield help, but that could come in the form of calling up Austin Martin. Last year Royce Lewis and Edouard Julien helped usher in a youth movement, something that Brooks Lee and Yunior Severino could help continue.

Pitching is the biggest area the Twins needed to aggresively address but failed to, however guys like David Festa and Matt Canterino could follow in the footsteps of Bailey Ober and Louis Varland as prospects who make an impact on the mound.

There's also still the possibility of a trade, even if waiting now seems like the right move. It'll give the Twins time to let things settle and truly assess what the team needs before flipping someone like Max Kepler or a top prospect to land a pitcher.

The point is, for as frustrating as this winter was it seems the ship might have sailed in terms of the team making a big move. It stinks that it feels like a bait-and-switch, but Rocco already looking to make the most of what the team has seems like the best path forward for now.

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