Twins Rumors: Latest Walker Jenkins signing update as deadline looms

  • Twins have until 4 pm CT on July 25th to reach a deal
  • Walker Jenkins was the No. 5 overall pick

Minnesota Twins v Detroit Tigers
Minnesota Twins v Detroit Tigers / Mark Cunningham/GettyImages

While the Minnesota Twins have seemingly rebounded since the All-Star Break, there's still drama that might rain on everyone's parade.

Over All-Star Weekend the Twins used the No. 5 pick in the MLB Draft on high school star Walker Jenkins. He was touted as being a potential top overall pick and entered the draft as one of the best players in the country -- not just in high school but among the entire class.

Minnesota was able to land Jenkins thanks to the new MLB Draft Lottery, something that was installed this year thanks to changes in the CBA. The Twins would have otherwise picked in the middle of the first round but a few ping pong balls bouncing their way gave them a Top 5 pick instead.

There's growing anxiety, however, over whether or not the Twins will have anything to ultimately show for it.

Despite drafting Jenkins, the Twins have yet to agree on a deal with him. The deadline to do so is quickly approaching and is putting what seems like an unnecessary strain on everything.

Twins Rumors: Latest Walker Jenkins signing updates

UPDATE: According to Aaron Gleeman, the Twins have finally reached an agreement with Walker Jenkins. The deal was made with less than two hours before the deadline passed.

The Twins have until 4 pm CT on July 25th to reach an agreement with Jenkins. His agent, Scott Boras, seems to be stalling the deal in hopes of getting a bigger signing bonus for his client.

Losing Jenkins wouldn't be the first time a team failed to sign its first round pick, but it thankfully doesn't sound like it might come to that. Twins beat writer Aaron Gleeman passed along encouraging words on Tuesday that a deal is on track to get done before the deadline.

Each draft selection has a slot bonus assigned to it, and teams have a set budget it can use on its draft class as a whole. So unlike other profressional sports drafts, baseball is unique in that players can end up not coming to terms with the team that selected them and ultimately re-enter the draft at a later date.

That's what everyone in Twins Territory is afraid might happen with Jenkins.

What happens if Twins fail to sign Walker Jenkins?

By rule, a team can't simply lose out on a first round pick if it fails to sign the player it drafted. The rules state that an MLB team that fails to sign a first round pick will receive a first round pick in the next draft, plus one slot.

That means a team would get the pick right below the one it used on the player it failed to sign.

Jenkins is already being compared to a Hall of Fame slugger, so losing him would be a pretty tough blow for the Twins. In the event a deal isn't agreed to before the deadline, Minnesota would be compensated with the No. 6 overall pick in next year's draft in addition to their normal first round pick.