3 replacements for Dick Bremer as next Twins play-by-play announcer

It's the end of an era, but the bright lights will shine down on a new voice of the Minnesota Twins.
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Cory Provus

There might not be a more natural fit than Cory Provus. He's already succeeded one legend in the booth, stepping into Jon Gordon's shoes on the Twins Radio Network, and there's s solid chance he goes 2-for-2 in replacing Dick Bremer.

It's an absolutely perfect fit beyond what it would bring to the television broadcasts. Provus has developed into a fan favorite during his time calling games on the radio and routinely finds himself going viral for his electric calls. Not unlike Paul Allen, Twins fans who aren't listening on the radio often seek out the radio replay of a big Twins moment to hear how Provus called it.

I mean, we could post Provus clips for days. They're absolute gold and already fit naturally over the television broadcast of games. This plan was already test run earlier in the season when Bremer needed to miss a few games after catching COVID and Provus filled in on the Bally Sports North broadcasts for him.

The next logical step would be to move him over as Bremer's replacement. Provus has television broadcasting experience too, something he highlighted as recently as this year pulling double duty calling Twins playoff games and college football for the Big Ten Network;

Moving Provus over to television also creates another opportunity elsewhere. Kris Atteberry could replace Provus on the radio broadcast, giving a guy who has been a part of that team since 2007 the shot he's earned over the years. He already fills in alongside Dan Gladden for a few games each season, and he deserves a shot to become the next guy radio announcer for the Twins.

Provus on television and Atteberry on radio is about as awesome a combo as it gets, and requires almost no effort in seamlessly making the transition across the board.

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