3 replacements for Dick Bremer as next Twins play-by-play announcer

It's the end of an era, but the bright lights will shine down on a new voice of the Minnesota Twins.
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Tuesday was a bit of a shocking day for Minnesota Twins fans, as Dick Bremer stepped aside as the voice of the team after 40 years in the booth.

Bremer's exit is still a subject of debate and soreness, as what initially appeared to be a mutual decision ended up being anything but. It sounds like Bremer was pushed out of the booth by the Twins, who want a new voice to help usher in a new era for the team.

Whatever ended up happening with Bremer's exit two things remain true: Twins fans will forever have a special place in their hearts for him and the team needs to find a successor to his throne.

For almost a half-century Bremer was the voice of Twins baseball on television, and there are a few really solid options for who might be able to step into his shoes starting next season.

Marney Gellner

Marney Gellner is a Minnesota sports legend, full stop.

One of the common refrains when paying tribute to Dick Bremer is how he's been the voice of so many summers and childhoods, and the same can be said for Gellner. There's an entire generation of Minnesota sports fans who have grown up with Gellner and she's an absolute legend for her work over the last two decades covering the Lynx, Twins, Timberwolves, and Wild.

Gellner has done it all, from hosting studio shows to working as a sideline reporter, and she has flexed her play-by-play skills more than a few times in the past. She's the voice of the Minnesota Lynx and has filled in calling Timberwolves games as well, with an iconic call of a Karl-Anthony Towns dunk a few years ago.

Skip ahead to 2:57 in the video for her call of the KAT dunk:

Simply put, Marney rules.

Assuming it's something she'd want to do, Gellner feels like a perfect fit to take over as the voice of the Twins. Fans know and love her, she's deeply embedded in Minnesota sports lore, and she belongs alongside other broadcasting icons who have stepped into the Twins booth.