Derek Falvey outlines when Twins will start making offseason moves

The man behind the curtain has spoken.
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All has been frustratingly quiet on the Minnesota front this winter, as the Twins continue to sit on their hands.

We're getting sick of framing it this way, but the Twins chasing the most successful postseason since 2002 by doing absolutely nothing meaningful is the only way to slice it. The team reduced its payroll at the start of the offseason and it's been a long and arduous waiting game ever since.

Of course, the Twins have established a method to their madness in the past, which seems to be a blueprint the front office is following. Minnesota has always been a frugal franchise, but even this has been tough for fans to handle.

Twins president Derek Falvey did his part to calm frustrations recently, letting fans know that there's indeed a plan and it won't be long before it takes action.

Twins front office outlines when the team will start making offseason moves

While making an appearance on Inside Twins with new radio play-by-play announcer Kris Atteberry, Falvey outlined when fans can expect the team to start making moves this winter.

"The reality of free agency and the trade markets and the offseasons over the last, really handful of years in baseball, probably over the last decade, is it keeps getting later and later. We end up getting a little closer to mid-January before some of the things come together in terms of deals,"Falvey said on Inside Twins. "For us at the Twins, we've have less in the early going and hopefully a little bit more action in the weeks to come."

None of that should come as much of a surprise, as it lines up with what the Twins have historically done in the offseason. While they're never at the front of the line to make moves, Minnesota has landed some big fish by waiting for the market to settl.

The Twins traded for Kenta Maeda, Sonny Gray, and Pablo Lopez, but waited until at least the end of January to make those deals. Gray wasn't acquired until March, with Maeda getting traded to Minnesota in Feburary.

Even the Carlos Correa deal waited until the New Year to get done, and it seems like the Twins are once again following that path. It hasn't been exactly fun to watch the team not make a singel meaingful addition to the roster all winter, but the proof is in the pudding and it sounds like it's only a matter of time before we finally get some action.

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