Twins Rumors: Best remaining relievers Minnesota can trade for

Let's go over some potential trade targets in the bullpen for the Twins ahead of Tuesday's deadline.
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Michael Fulmer. . Michael Fulmer. Michael Fulmer. player. 9. . . RHP. 7

  • 4.21 ERA
  • 0.2 WAR
  • 47 appearances
  • 1-5 record

Chances of a trade: Medium

Fulmer is another guy the Twins had a chance to sign during Spring Training but opted to see how their in-house options would work out instead.

As it turns out, Fulmer would have been a great addition back in March because he's back on the radar ahead of the deadline.

The fact that the Twins could have signed Fulmer and now might have to give up prospects to get him stings. It's a bit of an indictment on the front office and how much it might have blindly believed the pieces were already in place for a shaky bullpen to figure things out.

Fulmer is familiar with the Twins, though, which helps him as a trade candidate. Minnesota traded for Fulmer ahead of last year's deadline, giving up pitching prospect Sawyer Gipson–Long in return, and could find themselves rinsing and repeating ahead of Tuesday's deadline. If that happens, they'd be getting a guy who is shaky at times but has displayed control over the course of the season. He also wouldn't be expensive which might be what really leads the Twins to make a trade for him over some of the other guys on this list.

8. . Carl Edwards Jr.. player. . RHP. . Carl Edwards Jr.. 8. 90

  • 3.69 ERA
  • 0.5 WAR
  • 32 appearances
  • 1-3 record

Edwards isn't a guy who has been mentioned a lot when talking about the reliever market, but he could be a sleeper to keep an eye on.

Washington is a prime candidate to sell at the deadline and likely won't ask much for a 31-year-old pitcher who is set to be a free agent at the end of the season. That helps the price side of things for the Twins, who might be able to land Edwards for a mid-level prospect and add a guy who helps upgrade the bullpen.

One thing that Edwards would bring that isn't on the stat sheet is postseason experience. He was part of the Chicago Cubs World Series team back in 2016, although he was lit up pretty badly the following year and now posts a 6.55 postseason ERA. This year he's been rather solid for an awful Nationals team, throwing 24 strikeouts in just over 30 innings of work with a 1.2 RE24. Last season he had a 9.6 RE24, which is well above league average and could suggest he can come in and help mitigate some high-leverage situations late in games for Minnesota.

Chances of a trade: Medium