Twins Rumors: Best remaining relievers Minnesota can trade for

Let's go over some potential trade targets in the bullpen for the Twins ahead of Tuesday's deadline.
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. LHP. . Brooks Raley. Brooks Raley. 3. Raley. . 3. player

  • 2.37 ERA
  • 1.3 WAR
  • 46 appearances
  • 0-1 record

We've reached the first truly realistic candidate the Twins might trade for to bolster the bullpen. It's not that Hader or Bednar are impossible options, but there's a pretty sizable reality gap between those two and guys like Brooks Raley.

That's not a knock on Raley, more a reflection of the price Minnesota would have to pay to land him before the deadline.

Raley isn't a name that jumps out, but he's been able to manage situations in late innings when he takes the mound. He boasts a 1.3 WAR, a 1.243 WHIP, and an impressive 4.5 RE24, which rates how effective a pitcher is in saving runs given a bases-occupied situation.

Aaron Gleeman mused over at The Athletic that Raley might only be an option for the Twins if they're worried that Caleb Thielbar won't be healthy enough to make a meaningful impact down the stretch.

While it's not the exact same situation as Bednar, the fact that Raley has a $6.5 million team option for 2024 certainly doesn't hurt when it comes to thinking of how he could impact the team beyond just the second half of the year.

Chances of a trade: Medium-High

RHP. . Scott Barlow. Scott Barlow. . . 4. player. 7. Barlow

  • 5.35 ERA
  • -0.4 WAR
  • 38 appearances
  • 2-4 record

Barlow feels like a Twins reliever right now, which isn't necessarily a comliment.

That being said, he was at one point boasting a 3.35 ERA with 344 strikeouts and has shown the ablity to be a guy who can be relied on.

What could end up holding this deal up is the divisional premium the Royals would ask Minnesota to pay. Given how Barlow has trended the wrong direction after the All-Star Break, it might be too much to pay even if he's under team control through 2024.

Chances of a trade: Low