Twins Rumors: Best remaining relievers Minnesota can trade for

Let's go over some potential trade targets in the bullpen for the Twins ahead of Tuesday's deadline.
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4. Bednar. . RHP. . David Bednar. David Bednar. 2. . player

  • 1.27 ERA
  • 2.1 WAR
  • 41 appearances
  • 0-1 record

Among all of the relievers who have been linked to the Twins in various lists, it took a while for David Bednar to find his way onto one. It highlights how underrated he is on the relief market, but he's a guy who might end up becoming a top target as the deadline nears.

Minnesota should absolutely be in on a trade for him, not only because of what he brings to the bullpen this season.

Bednar has an ERA under 2.00 heading into the 11th hour of the trade deadline, allowing only six earned runs in over 40 innings of work. It's not a surprise that he ended up on the NL All-Star team this year, and he's just two seasons removed from finishing eighth in Rookie of the Year voting.

Not for nothing, but his All-Star selection this year is already the second time he's received the honor, pulling off the feat in back-to-back seasons.

Of course, there's lingering PTSD from what happened at last year's deadline when the Twins went all-in on an All-Star reliever only to have the whole thing blow up in their face. Jorge Lopez was traded for pennies on the dollar less than a year after Minnesota traded three prospects -- including All-Star pitcher Yennier Cano -- which is something that no doubt will dictate the front office's approach.

Bednar offers more than being just a half-season rental in the bullpen. He's under club control through 2026, which means the Twins would be able to slot him into their bullpen plans for the next handful of years. That sort of team control isn't going to come cheap, though, which is why trading for Bednar might breach a line the front office doesn't want to cross when it comes to what price to pay.

Chances of a trade: Medium-Low