Twins Rumors: Best remaining relievers Minnesota can trade for

Let's go over some potential trade targets in the bullpen for the Twins ahead of Tuesday's deadline.

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If the Minnesota Twins are looking to upgrade one specific area at the MLB Trade Deadline, it's in the bullpen.

A unit that wishful thinking didn't make better -- to the surprise of absolutely nobody outside of the front office -- appears to be in the need of an upgrade. Even the electric Jhoan Duran is going through a rough patch, and the bullpen has been on the wrong end of blown leads far too many times this season.

Given how anemic the offense has been, the Twins upgrading the bullpen almost feels like a necessity if the team wants to be at all serious about contending in the postseason.

Twins Rumors: Best remaining relievers on trade market for Minnesota

Note: Players who are traded will remain on this list, but with information about the trade they were involved with.

. Josh Hader. . . 1. player. 127. Hader. RHP. Josh Hader

  • 0.90 ERA
  • 2.0 WAR
  • 42 appearances
  • 0-1 record

This one almost goes without saying, but if the Twins are going to trade for a bullpen help then they have to consider a deal for Hader. He's the best relief arm on the market, and would instantly give Minnesota an upgrade it badly needs in late inning situations.

We'll assume that Jhoan Duran is going to stabilize after a rough stretch out of the All-Star Break, and having both him and Hader is a sure-fire way to not only hang onto slim leads from the offense but would be a dynamic duo in the postseason.

Chances of a trade: Low-ish