5 non-tender players Twins should take a gamble on

A few intriguing names are available at potentially the right price for Minnesota this winter.
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Daniel Vogelbach, 1B/DH

Unlike Mike Ford, things didn't go so well for Daniel Vogelbach last season. He wasn't a disaster, but he finished the year with his worst OPS+ since 2019 and only 13 home runs in 319 plate apperances. Vogelbach was still above league average, but he was hardly the slugger he had been at the start of the decade with the Pirates and Mets.

He didn't fit the Mets lineup with Pete Alonso manning first base, but that could be a blessing for the Twins who are looking for a few thigns that Vogelbach would provide. Much like Ford and other mid-tier veteran sluggers, Vogelbach could slot in as the Twins designated hitter, but also provides potential value as a platoon option at first base.

Even if Alex Kirilloff begins the season healthy, the Twins will need to find depth behind him. It's the same situation the team found themselves in last season, but the options were less ideal than they could be with Vogelbach. Luke Voit and Yuri Gurriel were the options Minnesota were faced with last offseason, and the front office decided to smartly pivot to Donovan Solano and Joey Gallo.

Vogelbach is far from a sure thing to bounce back, but if the Twins are going to take a swing at a low-risk gamble they can do a lot worse.