Twins Rumors: 5 hitters Minnesota could target at trade deadline

If the Twins decide to make a move before the deadline on Aug. 1st, there are a few decently priced hitters who could give the offense a boost.

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Almost everyone in baseball is waiting with bated breath to see what happens with Los Angeles Angels star Shohei Ohtani. It's highly unlikley the Twins make a move to trade for him before the deadline, assuming he gets moved at all, but one of his teammates might end up being a fit for Minnesota.

Hunter Renfroe is the defintion of a rental, as he's putting together an extremly solid season against righties and lefities and is a free agent at the end of the season. He's also on a team that is slowly fading from contention, although the Angels are just five games back of the Wild Card.

The Twins probably wouldn't have to pay that high of a price to bring him in, and he'd add an instant boost the offense once he arives. So far this season Renfroe has a .730 OPS against lefties and a .745 against right-handed pitchers, which makes him perhaps the best all-around hitter the Twins can target at the deadline without needing to make a splashy move.

That's key here, as the Twins have made it clear they don't want to dip into the prospect pool the way they did last year in trading for Jorge Lopez and Tyler Mahle. The way those deals turned out have understandably scarred the front office, and even if they're not playing scared there's good reason to be cautious.

Renfroe checks a lot of boxes for the Twins, including the one about postseason experience, and might be worth taking a gamble on at the deadline.