Twins Rumors: 5 hitters Minnesota could target at trade deadline

If the Twins decide to make a move before the deadline on Aug. 1st, there are a few decently priced hitters who could give the offense a boost.
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Not terribly unlike what the Twins might have been trying to do with Carlos Correa last season, the Chicago Cubs brought in Cody Bellinger in what appeared to be a win-win situation. Either the team was competitive and the former MVP was a part of that, or he would be a nice trade chip to flip at the deadline as Chicago attempts to piece together its rebuild.

Their season isn't officially over, but the Cubs are in third-place and five games under .500 -- prime seller territory for the front office.

Bellinger would add a left-handed hitter to the Twins lineup as well as another option to move around defensively. As mentioned, the situation at first base is a bit thin and Bellinger could help add some depth there as an option for Rocco Baldelli to put in the lineup. He also adds another option in centerfield, which is increasingly more valuable with the struggles of Byron Buxton and his inablity to play the field.

Minnesota came into this season hoping an MVP-type player would be able to platoon with Michael A. Taylor in center, it just might turn out that the player ends up being Bellinger and not Buxton. It fills the Twins quota for centerfielders with last names that start with 'B', though.

Kidding aside, Bellinger is a high-quality option for the Twins who wouldn't be as expensive as other potential options. He certainly wouldn't be cheap, but he's a free agent next year with a qualifying offer attatched, which is probably what the Twins would need to match and then potentially sweeten to get a guy who could help continue to steer the offense in the right direction.

Let's not gloss over his postseason experience, something of an added value to acquiring him. Bellinger was central to many Dodgers teams that went on runs in October, specifically, the one that won the World Series, which is something that can't be overlooked.