Twins Rumors: 5 hitters Minnesota could target at trade deadline

If the Twins decide to make a move before the deadline on Aug. 1st, there are a few decently priced hitters who could give the offense a boost.
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OF. Tyler O'Neill. 3. 33. O'Neill. . . Contract: Arbitration Eligible in 2024. Tyler O'Neill. player

There's been a lot made about the Twins potentially going after a St. Louis Cardinals player, but how about one that's not Paul Goldschmidt.

Tyler O'Neill has never been more available than he is now, and the Twins might want to take advantage. We're just a few years removed from O'Neill being a hot preseason MVP prediction, but he's followed that hype up with two bummer seasons. Go back a few years and try to tell someone that he'd be a buy-low candidate at the deadline this year and some eyebrows would be raised.

That's his upside, and the Cardinals have a few different motivations to move O'Neill. He still has trade value and could help with a reload rather than a rebuild, and trading him would help alleviate overcrowding in the outfield.

He's another candidate who would provide the Twins with some power against lefties, slahsing .238/.300/.538 against lefties so far this season. Defensively he allows the Twins to do a few different things, not the least of which is put him out in left field and platoon with Joey Gallo. He could also help with the Byron Buxton problem and fill the DH slot which allows the team to give Buxton time off to heal or take the role when he's ready to return to center.

O'Neill is a buy-low candidate with some nice upside that could turn into a longer stint with the team thanks to being arbitration eligible this winter.