Twins Rumors: 5 hitters Minnesota could target at trade deadline

If the Twins decide to make a move before the deadline on Aug. 1st, there are a few decently priced hitters who could give the offense a boost.
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. . Teoscar Hernández. 4. player. Teoscar. OF. Contract: Free Agent in 2024. Teoscar Hernández. 62

We're nearing the 11th hour where front offices need to decide what they're going to be at the deadline. For the Mariners, it sounds like selling isn't off the table -- in fact general manager Jerry Dipoto said as much recently when asked about his plans.

Seattle is only about five games out of the AL Wild Card race, so their season is far from being cooked. Dipoto mentioned thinking about ways to get better in 2024, which could mean trading a guy like Teoscar Hernández. Not only is he a trade chip, but he's not exactly lighting things on fire the way the Mariners might have hoped he would.

Hernández is slashing .243/.296/.428 which isn't putting him in any awards races, plus he's already set a career-high for strikouts. Much like Turner, though, Hernández is an absolute menace against lefties which is exactly what the Twins need in their lineup. For all his faults, including not being that great defensively, what Hernández could give Minnesota's lineup outweighs just about everything that could be used in an arguement against the team trading for him.

He's also a free agent at the end of the season, which means he won't be particularly expensive in terms of a trade package. There's no doubt that he's a gamble, but he's one that wouldn't cost the Twins much and has the sort of upside that could pay off big in October.