Twins Rumors: 5 hitters Minnesota could target at trade deadline

If the Twins decide to make a move before the deadline on Aug. 1st, there are a few decently priced hitters who could give the offense a boost.
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Baseball is all about trends, and the Minnesota Twins have been known to go after big bats when they're in a position like they are now heading into the deadline. The Twins can very much win the AL Central, even without making a trade, but it's no secret that the lineup is lacking some power and production.

To be fair, things are starting to turn around after the All-Star Break but that doesn't mean the team can't use the deadline to secure help that will ensure the bottom doesn't fall out on them like it did last year. After all, we've already seen the team fumble away momentum a few times this year, notably after starting 10-4 before falling into a hole they're still trying to climb out of.

Adding some firepower to the offense seems like a good idea, but Minnesota is going to cautiously approach the deadline. Derek Falvey has already said he believes the team has the tools to win already in place as long as those players get on the right track -- and he's not wrong. A lineup with Carlos Correa and Byron Buxton should be grooving, and if that happens it'll be better than anything Minnesota can acquire.

That being said, there are some potential bargain buys at the deadline that could help the Twins beef up their offense and fortify the lineup for a potential run in October.

Twins Rumors: 5 hitters Minnesota could target at trade deadline

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Trading for Justin Turner feels like a classic Twins move, the kind the team would make back during their last competitive streak. Whether it was bringing in Jim Thome, Josh Willingham, or as recently as Nelson Cruz, Minnesota has either signed or traded for a big bat when they're in this sort of competitive position.

Turner fits that classic mold: he's near the end of his career, has World Series experience, and is hitting extremely well.

Right now Turner has a .836 OPS and a modest 15 home runs, but he's absolutely obliterating left-handed hitters this season. Not only would he fit offensively with the Twins but he also fills some potential defensive holes after the team has been forced to navigate injuries.

While he's primarily been the Red Sox designated hitter, he's played a quarter of his games this season at first base and a handful at third base. Alex Kirilloff is finally back, but the Twins have been thin at first base all season and could use some extra protection in the event Kirilloff goes down again. The same can be said about the situation at third base, where Royce Lewis is still weeks away from returning and Jose Miranda has been unreliable both in terms of his offense and his health.

Turner also has a player option for next season and the Twins had interest in him over the winter, so this could be a case where he's more than just a half-season rental.