3 options for replacing Alex Kirilloff this offseason

The Twins have some intriguing options for replacing Alex Kirilloff while he gets healthy.
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Edouard Julien

Like Michael Keaton once said: you wanna get nuts, let's get nuts.

Like Michael Keaton once said, you wanna get nuts let's get nuts.

Moving Edouard Julien to first is a bit of an outside-the-box solution but it could be a move that frees up a ton of other options for the Twins across the entire lineup.

Julien's defense has always been the thing that could hold him back from being truly special, and moving him to first base might negate some of the danger in having him out in the field. He played some time there late in the season, which seems to indicate the Twins are at least considering this as a potential option. It would allow Rocco Baldelli to get Julien's bat in the lineup on a regular basis but not prevent him from using someone at DH, creating a potential lineup of Royce Lewis/Eduoard Julien/Slugger X in the batting order.

That's pretty intriguing.

Julien saw a ton of time at second base this year due to some injuries that Jorge Polanco was dealing with, but he seems to be back to full health. Minnesota is likely to exercise its $10.5M team option on him, which is a bargain price given all that he brings to the lineup, and could plug him in as the everyday second baseman in 2024.

Should Polanco struggle or deal with more injuries, having Julien at first would create a scenario where Austin Martin could play second and start factoring into the lineup. He's expected to be a part of the team's plans next season and it creates a natural fit for him in addition to the depth he provides in the outfield.

Moving Julien to first would be a gamble, but it could provide the most upside and also requires no major payroll decisions to be made. Imagine the lineup options when Kirilloff comes back healthy and how well-positioned the Twins would once again be to make a deep run in October.

There's just too much to love about this to not seriously consider it as the best replacement option this winter.

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