Listen to epic Twins Radio call of Ryan Jeffers walk-off against White Sox (Video)

The Twins walked off in the 12th inning on Sunday afternoon, and Twins Radio announcer Cory Provus delivered another epic call.

Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins
Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins / Adam Bettcher/GettyImages

Ever since the All-Star Break it's starting to feel like the Minnesota Twins fortunes are starting to turn around.

The team limped into the break under .500 and in second place, which was indicative of how much of a bummer the first half was after a hot start to the season. After beginning the year with a10-4 record while racing to over 60 runs in fewer than 15 games, the Twins offense stagnated before starting to slide backwards toward a steep cliff.

For the first time in what feels like forever, the pitching staff has been the best unit on the team. It's the offense that has consistently been holding things back, but a corner might be getting turned as the second half picks up.

Over the weekend, Minnesota not only swept the visiting Chicago White Sox but walked off the series on Sunday afternoon in epic fashion. It was looking like another frustrating game we've seen all too many times over the first half of the season, but rather than roll over the Twins rallied in the ninth inning to tie the game before Ryan Jeffers walked off in the 12th inning.

As if the walk-off wasn't already amazing enough, the Twins Radio call by the great Cory Provus made it even better.

Cory Provus delivered another epic Twin Radio call of Ryan Jeffers walk-off

There have been many voices of the Twins over the years, from John Gordon to Dick Bremer and the late great Herb Carneal. Cory Provus hasn't been doing this for nearly as long as those guys yet he's already cemented himself as an iconic part of this generation of Twins baseball.

His call of the Jeffers walk-off wasn't his first of the season, won't be his last, and it yet another in a long line of awesome calls he's had.

Much like the way the season started, a sweep of the lowly White Sox shouldn't be read into too much. The Twins started the year in similar fashion, sweeping the Kansas City Royals thus creating a false sense of prowess.

There were things in that opening series against the Royals that were positive, such as the strong performance by Pablo Lopez and the starters which is something that carried through. Here's to hoping the same thing is happening for the Twins offense, which appears to finally be waking up after hitting the snooze button for the first three months of the season.