Listen: Cory Provus loses his mind over Royce Lewis grand slam vs. Cleveland (Video)

Royce Lewis hit *another* grand slam and Cory Provus lost his dang mind.
Cleveland Guardians v Minnesota Twins
Cleveland Guardians v Minnesota Twins / David Berding/GettyImages

If you needed any further proof that Royce Lewis is special, look no further than Monday night at Target Field.

Actually look at Sunday too because Lewis strapped the Minnesota Twins to his back and carried them in back-to-back games. Honestly you could look at any one of the games Lewis has played for the Twins since being called up back in May, but the small sample size of the last two games is pretty hard to beat.

Lewis sent a Xzavion Curry pitch 393 feet to left center for a grand slam. If that sound familiar it’s because Lewis did it a day before too, hitting a grand slam against the Texas Rangers that sparked a 7-6 comeback win for Minnesota.

To put it in context, over the course of the last four at-bats for Lewis he as two grand slams.

Lewis also becomes the 10th player in MLB history to hit three grand slams in his first 10 career home runs.

Liste to Twins radio call of Royce Lewis grand slam vs. Cleveland

Needless to say, the grand slam electrified Target Field. The Twins were already down to Cleveland in the second inning when Lewis flipped the script, and any big moment for Minnesota is made even better when Cory Provus is on the call.

Provus lost his mind — as did everyone else watching — when Lewis launched his second grand slam in as many days.

While a grand slam is a pretty exaggerated, it served as yet another example of how important Lewis has been to the Twins since getting called back up. His first series back since tearing his ACL last season saw him help the Twins win a game against Houston that they otherwise would not have.

Minnesota’s offense has been wildly inconsistent all season, but Lewis has led a youth movement to help fix that. Along with Edouard Julien and Matt Wallner, the Lewis has helped charge up the Twins offense in a way it badly needed.

As the home stretch of the season approaches, the Twins will need everything they can get out players like Lewis as they march toward hopefully breaking a postseason drought. The good news is that it seems there are no signs that Lewis is going to be slowing down anytime soon.

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