Twins pitcher tipped the Nationals bullpen cart, proving the good vibes are officially back

This is the only type of tipping that's acceptable for a pitcher to do.
Steven Okert tipping the Nationals bullpen cart driver (May 22, 2024)
Steven Okert tipping the Nationals bullpen cart driver (May 22, 2024) /

A few things happened on Wednesday that suggest the good vibes are about to return for the Minnesota Twins.

First and foremost, the team continued it's Dark Knight Rises-style climb out of the pit of a seven game losing streak with a 3-2 win over the Washington Nationals. It not only served as back-to-back wins for Minnesota but helped the Twins claim their first series victory in over a week.

While it was the second win in a row for the Twins and the team's fifth series victory in May, we had a first at Nationals Park and Steven Okert made sure it was memorable.

In the fifth inning Okert came out of the bullpen to relieve Simeon Woods Richardson after he had pitched 4.2 innings of highly efficient work. It marked the first time this season that the Nationals bullpen cart was used, which was an occasion Okert marked by tipping the driver upon safely reaching his destination.

Twins reliever Steven Okert tipped the Nationals bullpen cart for driving him to the mound

How can you not love this?

Between the rally sausage returning, the Twins outscoring the Nationals 13-3 over the last 24 hours, to Okert tipping the bullpen cart driver, the vibes seem to be trending toward once again becoming imacculate.

It might seem like a goofy thing -- which is absolutely is -- but the context of this matters. After ripping off a 12-game winning streak, the Twins fell into a gnarly losing streak that started with a bad series against the New York Yankees and continued with getting swept by Cleveland.

Minnesota was barreling toward undoing almost all of the progress it had made in intially climbing out of a 7-13 hole, but taking two out of three from the Nationals goes a long way in helping get things back on track. The vibes were so impossibly strong around the team a few weeks ago with the clubhouse seemingly loose and free that the cratering that happened last week was tough to handle.

We've gone from star pitchers calling out coaches to relievers handing out tips to bullpen drivers on their way to pitching 1.1 innings of scoreless baseball. There's still work that needs to be done but it's safe to say the Twins are finally starting to trend back in the right direction in all the right ways.

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