Twins Pass is back for the 2024 season: Everything to know

Here's everything you need to know about Twins Pass returning for the 2024 season

Wild Card Series - Toronto Blue Jays v Minnesota Twins - Game Two
Wild Card Series - Toronto Blue Jays v Minnesota Twins - Game Two / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

There's just something romantic about going to the ballpark on a sunny afternoon. The smell of hot dogs and popcorn in the air, the sounds of commotion occasionally broken up by the crack of a bat, the tangy flavor of mustard being chased by a cool hoppy beverage -- it's heaven on earth.

Specifically, Target Field in the summer is baseball heaven on earth.

Twins fans have already perused the upcoming promotional schedule to see what games they can get to, as well as this year's theme nights, and the team went for a trifecta this week. For another consecutive season, Twins Pass is making a return and will give fans perhaps the best season ticket alternative we could hope for.

If you're already familiar with Twins Pass, you can get yours here (before they all sellout). If you're new, or need a refresher, we've got you covered with the basics.

How does Twins Pass work?

Some fans already know how Twins Pass works, but there are plenty who might be new to the game. For all of those folks, welcome to the Netflix of buying season tickets.

Rather than purchasing a full slab of season tickets, Twins Pass allowed fans gate access to every single home game this season. You won't have an assigned seat, but you will be able to hang out on any of the plazas or in the outfield lounge.

Lowkey, you can also sit in certain seats until an usher tells you to move. Don't try rushing down to the club level seats, but hanging in the outfield bleahers or any of the other non-desript parts of hte ballpark will do the trick. If you do this, be respectful and don't be a weirdo if someone has the seat you're in -- because they do have the actual ticket.

How much will Twins Pass tickets cost this season?

There are a few different pricing tiers to Twins Pass this year. All 80 home games are eligble to be included as part of the pass -- except the Home Opener on April 4th -- but it's going to be a little more expensive during the peak of the summer months.

  • Passes purchased between now and April 3rd are $59 per month
  • Passes purchased between April 4th and May 2nd will cost $69 per month
  • Passes purchased after May 3rd will cost $79

There's one pretty massive catch to be aware of, which is the purchase windows. Passes won't be valid for the month you make your purchase in unless it falls under the previous window. So, for example, if you purchase your Twins Pass on May 3rd you won't be able to start using it until June.

Purchase Window

Dates Eligible


Now - April 3rd

April thru September


April 4th-May 2nd

May thru September


May 3rd or after

June thru September


All-In passes, which cover the entire season as one lump sum, are available for an upfront cost of $324. That gets you into each home game but can't be canceled or refunded, which adds value to doing it monthly if you have summer plans that might interfere with the schedule.

Which games can I attend using Twins Pass

All of them.

If someone purchases a Twins pass, they'll be able to attend every single game that falls within the window of the month they've paid for.

  • April: 12 games (Home Opener is not a Twins Pass game)
  • May: 17 games
  • June: 10 games
  • July: 11 games
  • August: 17 games
  • September: 13 games

Fans who have a Twins Pass can also get in on the promotional giveaways that the team has this year.

So, for instance, if fans who have a May pass can get a Jhoan Duran bobblehead on May 25th when those are being given away. Same deal for Royce Lewis Bat Day on July 20th and all of the Joe Mauer Hall of Fame celebrations the weekend of August 3rd.

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