It sure sounds like Rocco Baldelli called out the Twins offense after getting swept by Royals

Rocco Baldelli kept his cool, but was less than pleased after the Twins laid an absolute dud over the weekend in Kansas City.
Minnesota Twins v Kansas City Royals
Minnesota Twins v Kansas City Royals / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

Baseball is a game of trends, and the Minnesota Twins are proving that with frustrating accuracy so far in the second half of the season.

Minnesota started the season 4-0 and won ten of its first 15 games of the year. After that the bottom fell out and the Twins soon found themselves vacislating above and below .500 until entering the All-Star Break with a losing record.

After the All-Star Break, the Twins started out 5-1 but have since fallen back into that trend of the first half and have lost six of the last ten games which includes a current five-game losing streak.

The point is, the Twins have twice gotten off to hot starts this year only to squander it all and backslide into medicority. With the teade deadline quickly approaching, the Twins need to make a decision on what to do but also need to decide what sort of team they're going to be the rest of the way.

Right now it seems to be that they're going to be massively disappointing.

Rocco Baldelli addresses embarrassing series sweep against Royals

Punctuating the current struggles is a weekend sweep at the hands of the lowly Kansas City Royals. No offense is intended, but they Royals are a very bad team and the Twins looked completely outmatched over the entirity of the three-game series.

Much like the issues that have lingered all season, there wasn't one thing that went wrong for Minnesota. Instead, it was a combination of everything that has held the team back, from bad pitching outings to the offense going dead. quiet.

Sunday was the kind of loss Twins fans have seen all to often this season, with the team losing its 15th game of the year when allowing three or fewer runs. After the game, manager Rocco Baldelli didn't blow a gasket but brought the maximum amount of Disappointed Dad energy.

"We should have made better adjustments," Baldelli plainly stated when asked about what was going wrong at the plate on Sunday. "We weren't able to string together more than one good at-bat at a time, we weren't able to put to or three together."

He didn't directly call out the offense in an obvious way, but Baldelli stopped short of that when he complimented Kenta Maeda's start by noting that what went wrong was out of his control.

"Kenta did a good job out there," Baldelli said. "As the outing went on I think some of the pitches started to pile up. He had that long inning, but I think as a whole it was a good outing for him. He found himself when he needed to, made some pitches when he needed to, the stuff was good."

Baldelli pointed out that one thing working against Maeda was how short he was able to rest in the dugout thanks to the offense failing to get anything going at the plate.

"I've mentioned this many times, if you're playing in a game where one of the pitchers is getting outs very quickly you're not getting any time off the field," Baldelli said. "It's not easy."

While he didn't totally call out the offense, that doesn't sound like a manger who is pleased with what he's seeing. This comes after the Twins offense seemed like it might be turning things around starting with the series in Seattle, but it's looking like that might have been more of a mirage than anything else.

It's not the first time Baldelli has essentially called out the offense for failing to provide proper run support for a starter, but the question is how many more times does it need to happen before something is done about it?