Byron Buxton clarifies his ‘I’m Back’ comments at TwinsFest

After getting Twins fans excited with his initial comments, Buxton went back for seconds.
Division Series - Houston Astros v Minnesota Twins - Game Three
Division Series - Houston Astros v Minnesota Twins - Game Three / David Berding/GettyImages

One of the biggest questions the Minnesota Twins need answered this offseason has nothing to do with free agency or trades. So much hinges on whether or not Byron Buxton is healthy, as he could be the greatest addition the team makes all winter. 

We inched toward some sort of an answer on this weekend at TwinsFest. Buxton made the bold proclamation that he was back, and plans to not only return healthy but play the field. 

He struggled to do the former and failed to do the latter last season. Buxton played but it was brutal to watch him be hampered by injuries. It was those injuries that prevented him from playing a single inning in the outfield, as everyday duties fell to Michael A. Taylor. 

That’s why hearing him announce his return on Friday was so exciting, but he circled back and doubled down on Saturday. 

Byron Buxton clarifies his ‘I’m Back’ comment about returning to centerfield

Buxton’s quote made the rounds, for obvious reasons, and he addressed it against on Saturday at TwinsFest. He didn’t walk it back, rather he clarified it by saying he wouldn’t have made the statement if his body didn’t agree with his heart and mind.

There’s still a chance he’s not ready for Opening Day, but Spring Training is going to be huge in terms of giving us an idea of exactly where he’s at. It’ll just be good to see Buxton back in the field, as he only played defensive innings while rehabbing at Triple-A St. Paul last year.

Some fans have made it their brand to get weird about Buxton’s value to the Twins, but it’s pretty clear he’s a massive piece of the core. When he’s healthy, he’s an All-Star and MVP-caliber player who is one of the best and fastest players in baseball.

We’ll have to see where his speed is at when he returns, but the main takeaway is that Buxton is going to be back and he sounds ready to prove everyone who doubted him wrong.

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