Twins are being sued over Summer Fest concert festival at Target Field

While fans are enjoying live music at Target Field this weekend, the team is dealing with a lawsuit over the weekend festival.
Houston Astros v Minnesota Twins
Houston Astros v Minnesota Twins / Brace Hemmelgarn/GettyImages

What’s that sound? No, it’s not music from bands like The Killers and Imagine Dragons emanating from Target Field as part of a weekend concert series — it’s a lawsuit from a concert organizer over the border in Wisconsin.

As if the Minnesota Twins don’t already have enough to worry about on the field, there’s a now legal matter off the field that needs to be dealt with.

Thankfully it doesn’t involve any players or coaches, rather it’s a concert festival the team is throwing that has drawn the ire of folks Fumo Wisconsin.

According to Milwaukee news station WTMJ4, the organizers of Summerfest have filed a trademark lawsuit against the Twins over their Summer Fest music festival.

Summerfest — with no space — is an annual concert festival held in Milwaukee, while Summer Fest is a two-day concert festival that is being held inside of Target Field this weekend. It appears the folks behind the former festival aren’t taking too kindly to what their neighbors across the border are dubbing the latter festival.

“The lawsuit says the Twins posted a Facebook advertisement for ‘Summer Fest’ and public comments expressed confusion on whether or not the event was associated with Summerfest. One of those comments included, ‘Summerfest so nice of you to share your trademarked name with Minneapolis.’ It also mentions confusion among members of the media,” TMJ4 reported.

The two festivals don’t rival each other, as Summerfest in Milwaukee has already happened but that hasn’t stopped the lawsuit from happening.

It’s unclear how things will shake out, but despite the lawsuit the concert festival is going on as planned this weekend. Meanwhile the Twins are all of the way on the other side of the country to make way for Summer Fest, playing a weekend series in Oakland.