Twins trade Jorge Lopez to Marlins: Full details and grade

Less than a year after acquiring him, the Twins are already moving on from Jorge Lopez.
Minnesota Twins v Seattle Mariners
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As the MLB Trade Deadline approaches, there's a bit of hesitancy around Twins territory as far as what fans want the team to do.

There might even be some in the front office too, thanks to how things went down at last year's deadline and the raimfications from deals that were made. Minnesota made two splashy moves, both of which have flamed out and one of which they've already cut bait on.

Jorge Lopez was an All-Star closer for the Baltimore Orioles when the Twins traded for him last August, but less than a year later he's already on the move to a new team. Minnesota traded Lopez to the Miami Marlins on Wednesday afternoon, ending his very short stint with the team.

MLB Trade Grade: Twins send Jorge Lopez to Marlins

It's hardly the blockbuster-type deal the Twins were involved in last year when acquiring Lopez, but the move will provide a fresh start for everyone involved.

Minnesota is getting right-handed pitcher Dylan Floro in return from the Marlins.

Jorge Lopez

  • Twins Grade: D+
  • Marlins Grade: C+

Minnesota's grade is more based on the totality of the deal, which includes the price paid to get him at last year's deadline. Baltimore received Yannier Cano, who was an All-Star this year, as well as Juan Nunez and Cade Povich -- who is the No. 11 prospect in the Orioles farm system.

The optics of Minnesota trading a future All-Star closer for one who fell off as soon as he arrived is a tough scene.

This, of course, isn't the first time the Twins and Marlins have done business. Back in January the two sides got together to pull of an actual blockbuster, one that sent Luis Arraez to Miami and Pablo Lopez plus prospect Jose Salas to Minnesota.

It's been a rough stint for Lopez in Minnesota, who couldn't recapture the magic he had in Baltimore and fell apart both on and off the field. Earlier this year the Twins placed Lopez on the restricted list in order to help with his mental health, and a clean break from Minnesota might be exactly what the pitcher needs.

Dylan Floro is in a similar position as Lopez, having underwhelmed for most of the season so far. At the time of the trade he's 3-5 with a 4.54 ERA, which leaves a lot to be desired. However, he boasted a 1.63 ERA in 39 apperances for the Dodgers back in 2018 and is only a few seasons removed from back-to-back years with an ERA under 3.00.

This is hardly a flashy deal, almost boardering on metephorical based on the rise and fall of Lopez in Minnesota. Neither team is getting an outright stud for their bullpen but both are swapping lottery tickets with pretty decent upside.