Twins made some notable errors while introducing Trevor Larnach, Carlos Correa at Target Field home opener

Houston Astros v Minnesota Twins
Houston Astros v Minnesota Twins / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

Friday afternoon marked the Minnesota Twins home opener at Target Field, as baseball returned to downtown Minneapolis.

The Twins donned their new home white uniforms for the first time, debuted a new lineup in front of a friendly crowd, and rolled out a few new ballpark features for the first time.

Perhaps the biggest addition to Target Field — literally and figuratively — is the new video board in above the left field Home Run Porch seats. It marks the first major renovation to the ballpark since it was christened back in 2010, and is yet another thing that signals a new era in Twins Territory is being ushered in.

It’s a gorgeous site, as is the new giant rotating medallion that will be used for celebrations.

The first game of the year at Target Field wasn’t without some technical hiccups, though.

In the bottom of the fourth inning, Trevor Larnach was announced as the batter stepping into the box, but anyone looking at the new video board might have been a little confused.

It also happened when Carlos Correa came to the plate too.

Whoops. The only downside of having a giant new video board is that it makes mistakes hard to hide.

Michael A. Taylor has been great so far for the Twins this season, filling in at center for Byron Buxton and coming up big with some defense — but he’s not Trevor Larnach or Carlos Correa.

Mistakes happen, though, and before you troll the folks at Target Field remember that they work hard all year long to make sure Twins games are a top notch experience. It’s the first home game of the year, so it’s understandable if some rust needs to get shaken off.

Regardless of the error, the take away remains that the video board is an impressive new addition to Target Field. It seems weird to think that the ballpark has already undergone a renovation being that it feels Iike it opened yesterday, but this was the 14th home opener at Target Field.

Time truly flies.