Twins get completely snubbed in Gold Glove Awards this year

No respect, no respect at all.
Division Series - Minnesota Twins v Houston Astros - Game Two
Division Series - Minnesota Twins v Houston Astros - Game Two / Brace Hemmelgarn/GettyImages

We’ve officially reached the end of the season, as not only is free agency about to begin but yearly awards are starting to get handed out.

The big ones are still to come, as MVP and Cy Young trophies will be handed out later. Over the weekend another notable baseball award did get handed out, as the Gold Glove Award winners were announced.

Earlier in October the nominees at each position were revealed, and the Twins had three players up for the prestigious honor. Carlos Correa, despite missing some time this year, managed to snag a nomination at shortstop while Sonny Gray and Pablo Lopez were nominees in the pitchers category.

Correa struggled at times this year, but the Gold Glove Awards are based around defensive metrics and have nothing to do with what happens at the plate. We saw that glove of Correa on full display in the postseason, as he saved runs more than a few times with some spectacular plays.

The same goes for Lopez and Gray, who joined together to form the powerful pitching duo the Twins have been searching for. Both players went to the All-Star Game and Gray is being mentioned as a Cy Young candidate. Lopez turned things on late in the season, and gifted Twins fans two of the most memorable postseason victories we’ve seen in quite some time.

While Twins Territory knows what they have in Correa, Lopez, and Gray, the folks handing out Gold Gloves felt differently.

Twins gets shutout of Gold Glove Awards this year

The lis of winners for this year’s Gold Glove Awards were announced on Sunday, but not a single Twins player heard his name called.

Yankees shortstop Anthony Volpe beat out Correa, while former Twins pitcher Jose Berrios won his Gold Glove over both Sonny Gray and Pablo Lopez.

Here is the list of winners that were announced late Sunday night:

While it’s a bummer that none of the Twins players nominated won a Gold Glove, it’s not terribly surprising. Minnesota had a nice postseason run, but a lot of the hype was subjective. It’s becoming increasingly clear that objectively the Twins still have some work to do in order to garner national respect, and that’s being reflected in things like low odds for winning the World Series next season and players getting snubbed in year-end awards.

It feels like we’re right around the corner from that changing, though. The future has never looked brighter for the Twins, and things like this will only motivate players in the clubhouse to continue proving the doubters wrong.

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