Twins fans couldn't believe Manuel Margot bunted with two outs

I mean...what are we doing?
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We're only five games into the season but already the Minnesota Twins offense is down bad.

Since Royce Lewis hit a home run in the first inning on Opening Day the Twins have failed to hit another ball over the fence. In fact, the offense is in steady decline with Minnesota having scored just three runs in the last 27 innings while mustering up just 11 hits over that time.

It's bad -- like, 2021 Twins bad and showing no signs of turning around.

We reached what is hopefully the low point on Wednesday when Minnesota loaded up the bases in Milwaukee and looked to be in a prime position to finally break through at the plate.

What happened next was frustrating on a few different levels, one a little worse than the other. Rocco Baldelli decided that the best thing to do in a bases loaded situation was take his best hitter out, pinch hitting Manuel Margot in place of Edouard Julien.

If that wasn't puzzing enough, Margot decided the best way to drive in a run was to bunt -- with two outs. You'll be shocked to hear that it didn't work out.

To be fair, Margot was initially ruled safe at first and the replay looked to be way too close to overturn. That's ultimately what happened, though, as the Brewers challenged the call on the field and it was changed to an out.

Twins fans couldn't believe Manuel Margot bunted with two outs

Needless to say, Twins fans were beside themselves watching a team struggling so badly at the plate right now opt for a surprise two outs bunt as a way to drive in runs.

Of course, there's some debate as to whether or not Margot was ordered to bunt or if he inexplicably went rouge in the most dumbfounding way. Rocco Baldelli was already catching heat for pinch hitting Edouard Julien in a bases laded situation, but if the master plan was to do that in order to execute an extremely low percenatge surprise bunt with two outs...oh boy.

Aaron Gleeman is among those trying to rationalize the decision by assuming Margot acted on his own.

Margot bunting with the bases loaded and two outs is the absolute perfect metaphor for how the Twins are performing offensively so far this season. Royce Lewis was always going to be a key part of the offense but it's starting to look like the plan was to just let him be the engine while everything else fell into place around him.

The Twins have scored 11 runs since Lewis was taken out on Opening Day, which is Not Great. It's still early in the season so there's no use in panicking, but it's perfectly alright to be deeply frustrated by a team that seems very capable of scoring runs and winning games but is unable to find a way to do so.

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