Byron Buxton had hilarious postgame reaction to nearly getting run over by a sausage

At least he's taking it in stride.
Minnesota Twins v Kansas City Royals
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Byron Buxton has endured his fair share of injuries throughout his career, something that has become a thorne in the side of Minnesota Twins fans.

Opening Day marked his return to the field for the first time in almost 600 days, as we hadn't need Buxton play centerfield since August 2022. Last year he was bogged down by injuries that forced him to turn in one of the worst seasons of his career, a slump that set up him up for a redemption arc in 2024.

We almost saw that hit a snag on Tuesday in an absurd way that would have also been painfully on-brand for Minnesota Sports. Buxton was nearly trucked by an eight foot felt Johnsonville sausage during the first wiener race of the Milwaukee Brewers' season.

The Sausage Race has become a tradition at Brewers games, with the most infamous moment being Randall Simon clubbing one of the wieners with a bat back in 2003. Buxton was almost an unfortunante victim in the sequel to that moment had he not ducked back into the dugout in the nick of time.

Luckily disaster was avoided and even though the Twins ended up losing the game everyone was all smiles about the near-miss afterward.

Byron Buxton had hilarious reaction to nearly getting run over by a Brewers' sausage

After the game Buxton had some fun with the moment, thanks to the help of Ryan Jeffers who helped give us all an exchange that took some of the sting off the 3-2 loss.

Aside from assessing the box score and what went wrong offensively for Minnesota, which saw its bats go concerningly quiet, the postgame grind was spent getting to the bottom of a potential conspiracy.

Is this up there with the Grassy Knoll -- perhaps. Do we have a greasy conspiracy on our hands that may expose the seedy underbelly of the sausage world? Or do we have something to temporarily distract us from the fact that the Twins mustered up just three hits on Tuesday to bring their total over the last two games to just seven.

We're only four games into the season and the Twins have already been ravaged by injuries to key players, but it's still concerning that the offense seems to be as sleepy as it was at some of its lowest points last season. There's also this weird thing going on where the team seems unable to function properly in games that start before 3pm CT, which feels like some variation of the yips that Minnesota just can't seem to shake.

Maybe it's the sausages spiking the water supply as they wage a war against humans after centuries of being literally eaten alive, or perhaps the Twins have some underlying issues to work out as the season progresses.

Either way, Byron Buxton will thankfully be a part of the plan and his brush with disaster -- nor the team's early struggles -- hasn't dulled his sense of humor.

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