What is the 'big announcement' Target Field is teasing for 2024? (Updated)

Something big is happening, allegedly.
Arizona Diamondbacks v Minnesota Twins
Arizona Diamondbacks v Minnesota Twins / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

Something big is happening at Target Field next year, and it isn't just the Minnesota Twins quest for a World Series. While the Twins will be back in action on April 4th for their home opener, but another big event is being teased for 2024 that has everyone speculating as to what it could be.

Unfortunately, this little teaser has been the most exciting development around the Twins during the Winter Meetings. Despite this week historically being the one where big deals happen, and Minnesota possessing some pretty valuable trade chips, there has been zero action brewing.

Maybe that's by design to not distract us and manufacture some excitement for this Big Announcement. The lack of movement is rooted in the Twins slashing their payroll and also typically waiting for the market to settle before diving in, but we're also going stir-crazy over here with no moves to talk about.

Whatever this announcement is, it better deliver on the goods.

What is the 'Big Announcement' Target Field is teasing?

Update: It was revealed to be a Def Leppard tour that will be making a stop at Target Field next summer.

Here's what the stadium account tweeted that the Twins then signal-boosted on social:

We won't find out Thursday morning, but the Cleveland Guardians and Arizona Diamondbacks also teased the same video on social media but did so by using their official stadium accounts just like the Twins did.

Most folks speculated that it had something to do with a new TV deal due to the satellite and the fact that all three teams are reeling from getting dragged into Diamond Sports Group's bankruptcy.

Given how the strategy moving forward is likely to create team-owned broadcasting options, it would be weird for all three teams to be in business together on a TV deal. With that intriguing option ruled out, the next logical option is that a major stadium concert tour is being announced with that artists slated to play all three stadiums -- Target Field, Chase Field, and Progressive Field.

We've already had two concert announcements for Target Field, with Foo Fighters playing in July while Green Day, Rancid, Smashing Pumpkins, and The Linda Lindas playing in August. Those are all pretty massive acts, which set the bar high for whoever this artist will be.

Who could it be? We'll find out tomorrow morning and update this whenever it's revealed.

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