When is Royce Lewis eligible to be called up by Minnesota Twins?

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If it feels like we’ve been waiting forever to see Royce Lewis finally fulfill his potential — and the prophecy — it’s because we basically have.

Lewis suffered a second ACL injury last season which cut yet another season short and resulted in another false start with getting his career going in Minnesota. What made it especially brutal was that it finally looked like he had crossed Event Horizon in going from top prospect in the Twins farm system to budding superstar in the Majors.

Twins fans were already invested in Lewis the way any fan base would rally around a top prospect, but the length of that investment is almost difficult to comprehend.

We’re already six years removed from Lewis being the No. 1 pick in the 2017 MLB Draft, and he’s not even 25 years old yet. He’s had a wild journey so far in his career, but one that finally looks like it will culminate in him being a key member of the Twins core moving forward.

Royce Lewis injury update: When is he eligible to get called up by Twins?

While Lewis looks absolutely fantastic so far this year at Triple-A, he’s not eligible to get called up until he clears the duration of his stint on the IL.

Since Lewis was placed on the injured list at the beginning of Spring Training, he isn’t eligible to join the Twins lineup until the end of May. Just in case you don’t have a calendar handy, that’s mere days away which means we’re nearing his return to the big leagues.

It’s something that the St. Paul Saints haven’t been afraid to have some fun with. We’re all on the same side, but the trolling of Twins fans hoping for Lewis to get called up while he’s in the middle of balling out with with the Saints has been deeply enjoyable.

Part of the enjoyment — arguably all of it — centers on the performance of Lewis and the hope it provides. For all of the false starts he’s had in his journey to being a part of the Twins every day lineup, seeing Lewis play this well this consistently is exciting on every single level imaginable.

Lewis’ eligibility to join the big league roster couldn’t come at a more opportune time for home or the ballclub. Carlos Correa was diagnosed with planter fasciitis, adding to a growing heap of important players who have run into bad injury luck so far this season.

We’re only two months into the season, which makes the struggles even more troubling. Beyond the injures, Minnesota’s offense has look tremendously underwhelming so far, which will make the addition of Lewis to the lineup even more welcomed than it already would have been.

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