Rocco Baldelli goes off on Twins after getting swept by Braves: "It's not good baseball"

  • Twins manager Rocco Baldelli went off on his team after getting swept by Braves
  • Minnesota went 0-for-23 with runners in scoring position against Atlanta
Minnesota Twins v Detroit Tigers
Minnesota Twins v Detroit Tigers / Duane Burleson/GettyImages

Another pitiful effort by the Minnesota Twins seems to have finally broken an otherwise optimistic Rocco Baldelli.

Minnesota was shutout on Wednesday, a loss that mercifully ended a series sweep in which Twins hitters were 0-for-23 with runners in scoring position. In the end, Atlanta outscored Minnesota 13-3 as a season of mostly silence at the plate for the Twins has become deafening.

The loss drops Minnesota back under .500 by two games, and there isn't a whole lot to suggest the team will magically turn it around. Solid outings from starters are either squandered by a lack of offense or lost by a shaky bullpen. Nothing is going right for the Twins and has reached a point where fans aren't the only ones sick of what they're seeing.

For the most part, Rocco has remained calm throughout the chaos. While he's barbed the offense on occasion or called out how the pitching could have been better in certain spots, he's for the most part refrained from going nuclear.

That came to an end on Wednesday afternoon.

Rocco Baldelli goes off on Twins after getting swept by Braves

Following the loss, Baldelli not only threw the entire team under the bus but made sure every single wheel hit them while it drove over. He didn't raise his voice, but he had more than Disappointed Dad energy when describing just how utterly disgusted he was by how the Twins played.

"There's no way to walk away from this with any positives," Baldelli said. "I'm not really please right now with the effort this series."

His comments were in stark contrast to how he described the series opening loss on Monday. After the Twins fell 4-1, Rocco seemed to almost defend the offense and stopped short of calling the struggling unit out.

Two games later, he was singing a different tune.

"We're going to sit down and answer some pretty hard questions. What we're doing, relying on good players to just eventually be good if they stick to their plan and things like that, it hasn't come to fruition at this point," Baldelli said. "We should be able to go out there and compete in this series and win a few games, and we weren't even really that close."

It's worth noting that Baldelli didn't hint at a sit down or suggest that the coaches might huddle to sort things out. He definitively stated that things are going to change, which either means significant lineup changes or players who are in the clubhouse now no longer being there.

Earlier in the series Rocco mentioned that it's hard to point at one specific thing that's going wrong, which is depressingly true. It's something that presents an incredible challenge when it comes to figuring things out because there's no easy fix.

DFA'ing guys like Max Kepler or Emilio Pagan might provide temporary catharsis to mass frustration, but a long-term solution across the board must be found before it's too late.

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