MLB Playoffs: 3 key factors to Twins finally ending postseason losing streak

Do the Twins have a legit chance in MLB Playoffs this year?
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages
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With the postseason nearly here, the storyline surrounding the MInnesota Twins and ending an 18-year losing is moving closer and closer to center stage.

Minnesota is going to play in the Wild Card round and will host at least two games, but fans just want to see them win one. It’s been since 2004 that Twins Territory has celebrated a win, and we’re getting sick and tired of waiting for that to change.

The franchise can no longer take solace in saying ‘next year’ will be the year, as it’s been almost two decades of next year’s that have gone unfulfilled. Broken promises have defined the Twins for too long, and it finally feels like this year the team has the talent to turn things around.

It won’t be easy, though, as the Twins will need to win in three key areas in order to avoid extended the most miserable streak in baseball.

A third starting pitcher

The Twins are set with a solid 1-2 punch of Pablo Lopez and Sonny Gray at the top of the playoff rotation, but what happens after that?

Hopefully there won’t be a need to figure that out in the Wild Card and the Twins can take care of business in two games. It’s going to be a question that needs answering sooner rather than later, though.

Joe Ryan saw his performance dip, but as of late, but he's starting to return to form. Getting the start in Game 3 would also go a long way in his development as a potential future ace for the Twins, or at least help him along in fulfilling the prophecy.

Kenta Maeda would also make sense as a starter in the Wild Card if it were to go to a third game in the series. He’s struggled at times this year but has managed to be an impactful member of the rotation when healthy. Maeda also has the playoff experience from his days in L.A., which counts in big situations like this.