It sure seems like umpires allowed Yankees to cheat against Twins (Video)

Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees
Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

If the New York Yankees bounce back game on Saturday afternoon seemed like it was going too well, it's because it probably was.

Domingo German was on the mound pitching a gem for the Yankees, one that was going so uncharacteristically well that it raised suspicion in the Minnesota Twins dugout.

Rocco Baldelli had German checked before the fourth inning, something that prompted the whole umpire crew to huddle around him and see if he was using a substance to aid his performance. The Twins seemed convinced, and it turns ouso were the umps.

Despite having been checked already before the dramatic moment in the fourth, German was allowed to take the mound with what seemed like a warning. This sent Rocco into another dimension of rage, and he was quickly ejected after making his objection to the decision known.

It's one thing to have Rocco so passionately making his case that the Yankees were cheating that he'd get ejected, but Twitter sleuths seem to have evidence that backs up his claim.

Watch: MLB fans think they have proof umpires helped Yankees cheat against Twins (Video)

It was first brought up on the Twins broadcast, with Dick Bremer suggesting that it doesn't take a lip-reading expert to see that James Hoye seemed to be saying to German that he had told him to 'wash it off'.

Lip readers on Twitter went the extra mile and slowed the replay down. They think they have proof that shows umpires allowed the Yankees were allowed to cheat.

A team in constant tantrum mode about the Houston Astros cheating scandal found out what it's like to have the shoe on the other foot -- and it seemed to fit.

German had been perfect up to that point in the game and remained perfect for another inning. The Twins eventually broke his perfect game up on a Christian Vazquez single, but at the point no one really cared about the game.

Minnesota could play the game in protest, but that's really more performative than anything else. The real takeaway here is that the Yankees are down so badly to a team they've historically used as a punching bag that they are resorting to shenanigans out of desperation.

It's easy to get mad about all of this, but it's even easier to laugh at the Yankees -- which is truly a shoe on the other foot situation fans can appreciate.

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