MLB Draft: 5 prospects Twins could target with No. 5 pick

  • Twins have 5th overall pick in this year's MLB Draft
  • MLB Draft will take place on Sunday, July 9th

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While he's not the top prospect on the board, Jacob Gonzalez might be the most realistic option for the Twins if everything plays out the way most believe it will. Crews and Langford are likely going to be gone with Skenes being the guy who has the highest chance of falling to Minnesota.

Keep in mind, those chances are not that high but if there's a top prospect who could get to the Twins at No. 5, it's Skenes.

If all of those guys are gone, Ole Miss shortstop Jacob Gonzalez is a name to keep an eye on. Taking yet another shortstop when there's already a logjam of them in the farm system feels like those years when David Kahn couldn't stop taking guards, but he's a fantastic up-the-middle player who could help fill middle infield holes that emerge.

He started every single game of his college career at Ole Miss at shortstop, which might make it harder to move him somewhere like second base to fill a potential hole after Jorge Polanco's time is done (and it won't be Edouard Julien's glove at second). Minnesota has Brooks Lee, Austin Martin, and Jose Salas all in the farm system as shortstops, plus a guy named Carlos Correa occupying that spot in the Majors.

Then again, Royce Lewis was projected to be a shortstop for the Twins and he slid over to third base after Jose Miranda was sent down so it's possible that Gonzalez could learn a new primary position.

Any argument that could be made for or against Gonzalez making sense at No. 5 comes down to the Twins liking him more than any other college prospects -- which they apparently do. According to Keith Law at The Athletic, Minnesota has Gonzalez as the next prospect on their board after Langford and Crews. Depending on what happens, that could be the deciding factor assuming the front office isn't setting up some sort of smoke screen.

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