3 prospects the Minnesota Twins can use as trade bait

Atlanta Braves v Minnesota Twins
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As we approach the end of May, we need to begin evaluating the potential roster needs of the Minnesota Twins and what moves they could make to shore things up. No, you should not expect moves anytime soon as there are just too many teams still "in it" and the market won't really open up for a month or so as things become more clear.

That doesn't mean, though, that trades aren't fun to think about. Moreover, to even begin to think about what sorts of players a team can acquire, you have to think about their budget. That means we have to look at what prospects/assets the Twins have that they can realistically part with. In an ideal world, they can make moves for impact players while not completely mortgaging their future away.

Accomplishing that is easier said than done as teams aren't going to just give good players away and you have to give something to get something. Here are three Twins prospects that the team could use as trade bait that would certainly be a loss, but one that the team could realistically absorb when looking long-term.

Royce Lewis

There is no question that Royce Lewis is an incredibly talented player. He was the #1 overally pick back in 2017 thanks to tantalizing offensive potential at the plate, tons of physical tools, and a lot of people thinking he was going to be a plus up-the-middle defender.

It is entirely possible that he will still end up being an All-Star, but the Twins have been waiting for him for a long time and may need to cash him in for some more near-term help.

The issues here are injuries and positional. Lewis is coming off his second ACL surgery on the same knee which is problematic for a guy whose speed is a big part of his game. As a result, he just hasn't played a lot the last couple of years. You also have the signing of Carlos Correa to play shortstop for the foreseeable future, Brooks Lee looking like he could be on the fast track to the big leagues, and Eduoard Julien's ascent at second base.

Sure, centerfield remains an option, but that may not be the best fit given his knee injuries now and Minnesota could cash him in to a team in need of more immediate help in the infield.