2 Twins trade deadline deals that have impacted the 2023 season the most

Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins
Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins / David Berding/GettyImages
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Despite some trials and tribulations, the Minnesota Twins still find themselves in first place thanks in large part to the rest of the division playing some pretty crummy baseball to start the season to go along with a strong performance from the Twins' pitching staff early on.

We are still waiting for more of a positive return on the Twins' biggest move as Carlos Correa has been decidedly mediocre in 2023 after signing a six year deal worth $200 million, but a couple of the Twins' moves at the trade deadline last year are proving to be extremely impactful this season as well.

The Twins were pretty busy last July as they made four moves at the deadline to try and get over the hump. Those moves were obviously not enough as they ended up finishing third in the division and below .500 on the season, but that doesn't mean that those moves couldn't help (or hurt) the team during the 2023 season.

Not every trade is going to move the needle much, especially when you look at minor deals for rental-type players which make up the bulk of the moves we see during trade deadline season.

Here are two moves from last year's trade deadline that have altered the course of the 2023 season for the Twins for better or worse