Minnesota Twins Spring Training Tickets: How much does it cost to attend games?

Minnesota Twins v Boston Red Sox
Minnesota Twins v Boston Red Sox / Brace Hemmelgarn/GettyImages

Opening Day is almost here, and Minnesota Twins fans have a lot to be excited about this year. It’s sort of an unexpected excitement, as the team looked to be in a dire situation back in December when Carlos Correa chose to sign elsewhere not once but twice before circling back to Minnesota.

The Correa Coup is huge, as it gives the Twins a superstar shortstop on a Hall of Fame trajectory for what will likely amount to the majority of his career. It allows for at least six or seven chances at seeing what a healthy Correa-Buxton duo can mean for the Twins in addition to whatever talent the team can put around them.

But before we get too far down the road, the Twins need to sort a few things out this spring. With the team reporting to Fort Myers this month, fans are preparing to get in on some Spring Training fun at Hammond Stadium.

But how can fans get through the gates and when will the games be held?

Here’s a quick look at the Twins Spring Training schedule:

Minnesota Twins Spring Training Ticket Prices 2023

The Twins are also offering a ticket package called Pick Five where fans can do exactly what that sounds like and pick five Spring Training games to attend for one bundled price. These prices range from $42 if you want to sit out on the porch to over $100 if you want a seat at Hammond Stadium.

It’s a good deal either way, as it averages out to less than $10 a ticket per game.

A wrinkle unique to Spring Training this year is getting to see the Twins take on teams participating in the World Baseball Classic. Those aren’t included in the Pick Five ticket promotion, but are worth their own price of admission.

Other than that, the Twins are offering tickets to each of their Spring Training games at reasonable individual prices. There are promotions schedule for each game as well, which range from $5 off to Meal Deals and Senior Day food packages.