Minnesota Twins Spring Breakout roster revealed: Who's playing and how to watch

  • MLB is introducing a Spring Breakout Game this year
  • Rosters are made up of Top 30 prospects in each team's system
  • Here's everything to know for the Twins

University of Minnesota v Minnesota Twins
University of Minnesota v Minnesota Twins / Brace Hemmelgarn/GettyImages

This week the Top 30 prospects for each MLB baseball was revealed, and it won't be long before we get to see guys on the Minnesota Twins list in action.

The league is trying to showcase the next generation of talent, and is holding a Spring Breakout Game for each team this year in order to do that. It's basically an All-Star Game for the top prospects in the league, except they'll all be representing the team that currently holds their rights.

Sixteen games with teams from all 30 organizations will be held across the Cactus and Grapefruit Leagues from March 14-17.

Only two teams -- the Cardinals and Reds -- will play two games due to the uneven number of teams in each spring league, but everyone else will have just a single showcase for their top young players. This means the Minnesota Twins will be able to trot out the best prospects in the farm system and give fans a nice glimpse into the future.

When is the Minnesota Twins Spring Breakout Game?

The Twins will have their Spring Breakout Game on March 16th against the Tampa Bay Rays. It will happen as the second part of a doubleheader, with the MLB roster playing in the first scheduled game.

Here's how to catch the action:

  • Date: Saturday, March 16th
  • Start Time: 3:05 pm CT
  • TV Channel: No local brodcast
  • Live Stream: MLB.tv | MLB.com | MLB App

Surprise, surprise but Bally Sports North will not be broadcasting the game. If anyone is in the Tampa viewing area then they'll be able to catch it on Bally Sports Sun or listen on Rays Radio but things are a little harder for Twins fans elsewhere in the country.

It's no impossible, though. MLB Digital is carrying the game which means you'll be able to watch it on MLB.com or on the MLB App.

Minnesota Twins Spring Breakout Roster: Position Players

Here's a look at the positional players that make up the Twins Spring Breakout roster:



Andrew Cossetti


Yunior Severino


Luke Keachall


Tanner Schobel


Brooks Lee


Brandon Winokur


Danny De Andrade


Austin Martin


Ben Ross


Jose Salas


Walker Jenkins


Emmanuel Rodriguez


Gabriel Gonzalez


Kala'I Rosario


Jose Rodriguez


Ricardo Olivar


Noah Cardenas


The most exciting players here are obvious, as the Spring Breakout Game will give us our first really good look at Walker Jenkins. There's a very good chance that he mans the same outfield as Emmanuel Rodriguez and Gabriel Gonzalez, which is an incredible glimpse into what the future might look like for the Twins.

Brooks Lee will also be appearing in the game, and it already feels like he's the most seasoned of the entire group, aside from perhaps Austin Martin. While neither will be making the Opening Day roster (Lee still isn't even on the 40-man roster) this could be one of the final stepping stones for them getting to the majors this season.

A few other interesting names to watch are Jose Salas and Yunior Severino. Each are dark horses to make an impact over the next few seasons with Severino most recently lighting things up as a power hitting at Triple-A. Salas was the "throw in" as part of the Pablo Lopez trade, and could either play his way into a lane that gets him called up in 2025 or look good enough for the Twins to use as trade bait at the deadline.

Minnesota Twins Spring Breakout Roster: Pitchers

Things aren't as robust when it comes to pitchers the Twins have on their Spring Breakout roster, but it's nevertheless just as exciting to see some of the names listed. David Festa and Marco Raya are Minnesota's top pitching prospcets and each could make their way to the MLB roster this year.

Charlee Soto is a bit behind them, but merely from a timeline standpoint. Everything he's shown in the short amount of time he's been in the Twins system suggests it might not be long before he's not only the top pitching prospect but right alongside Jenkins as the top guy in the minors.

Here's a look at the 10 pitchers the Twins have on their Spring Breakout roster:



David Festa


Marco Raya


Charlee Soto


Zebby Matthews


A.J. Labas


Cody Layerson


Miguel Rodriguez


Alejandro Crisostomo


Juan Mendez


Jackson Noble


We probably won't see all of these guys pitch, but it's pretty incredible to see just how bright the future is when it comes to arms the Twins have coming up. If all we see is a combo of Festa, Raya, and Soto then we'll have seen an awesome glimpse at what's to come, and that's before you get to the other seven guys Minnesota has developing down on the farm.

The Twins Spring Breakout game will take place on March 16th against the Tampa Bay Rays, and will be simulcast on Bally Sports North.

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