Twins sign former Brewers pitcher to, you guessed it, a minor league deal

We get it, but come on.
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If you press your ear against the window in your house and listen really close, a faint sound might present itself. What you're hearing is the soul of a million Minnesota Twins fans universally losing hope that anything major will happen this offseason.

We all know that eventually something will happen, mostly because it has to. The Twins can only snuff out the hope that last season presented for so long before it becomes malpractice, although it seems they're up for the challenge of seeing where that line truly is.

After snapping the miserable 19-year postseason losing streak and finally winning a playoff series, the Twins have spent the winter cowering in the corner trying to hide from the looming shadow of an uncertain television deal. Thanks to Diamond Sports Group going bankrupt, the Twins slashed its payroll to account for lost revenue, which is exactly the opposite of what anyone wanted to hear.

Ken Rosenthal sort of threw the Twins under the bus for using future revenue data as a compass or navigating an important offseason. He was referring to a similar situation in Kansas City and Cincinnaty that hasn't stopped either small market team from spending big.

That just adds to the frustration when we hear that the Twins made a deal (yes!) by handing out a minor league contract (no!). It's a shame, because the players Minnesota has been bringing in could end up being decent contributors next season.

Twins sign Caleb Boushley to a minor league deal

Caleb Boushley is the lateset addition, as ther former Milwaukee Brewers pitcher agreed to a minor league deal with the Twins on Friday. He was barely in the Majors long enough for a cup of coffee, with the Brewers selecting his contract on the second-to-last day of the season.

Most of his work has been at Triple-A, where Boushley struck out 18.9 percent of batters faced while walking 8.8 percent over 135 2/3 innings and 26 starts. It's not exactly the world's most dangerous statline, but it's the type of potential high-upside supply the Twins have been getting high on all winter.

And that's the thing, these deals do nothing to move the needle. MLB Trade Rumors dug into how badly the Twins need help in the rotation while talking about Boushley, but there's a fat chance he's going to be anywhere near that conversation. Bubba Thompson was claimed off waivers from the Yankees, but he was sent directly to St. Paul even though he was teased as a potential Michael A. Taylor replacement.

Josh Staumont is the only actualy addition the Twins have made, but he's coming off neck surgrey that ended his season early with Kansas City last year.

We know the Twins are going to trade Jorge Polanco to try and replace Sonny Gray, but it's getting beyond ridiciulous that team is so stuck in the mud -- or scared -- that it can't make any sort of meaingful move.

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