Minnesota Twins 2024 schedule: Start times revealed for Opening Day, home opener, all 162 games

Everything to know about this year's Minnesota Twins schedule.
Division Series - Houston Astros v Minnesota Twins - Game Three
Division Series - Houston Astros v Minnesota Twins - Game Three / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

Baseball is almost back, and it can't return fast enough for Minnesota Twins fans.

Last season was arguably a Top 5 year in franchise history, and it might be the best to never end in a World Series win. The season ranks up there with 2002 and the vibes around the talented young roster are immacualte heading into 2024.

After 19 years the Twins finally won a playoff game, ending the most miserable losing streak in North American sports. There have been slumps and droughts, but the utter lack of hope the Twins entered each October with was vanquished in the AL Wild Card and the team didn't stop there.

Minnesota won it's first playoff series since 2002, beating the Toronto Blue Jays before going down to Houston and taking a game from the Astros in the ALDS. That's where the season ended but the journey is merely just beginning.

The table is set for the Twins to not only build on the success they had last year but truly install a winning culture that has been mostly absent for much of the last two decades.

It's a long season, and the full schedule with start times has been released by the team, but we broke down a few of the important dates and games to keep an eye on.

Important dates from the Twins 2024 regular season schedule

Opening Day

This year Opening Day will fall on March 28th, when the Twins will once again be in Kansas City to get the season started. The Twins started their year on the road against the Royals last year too, and what followed was one of the best seasons fans have gotten to watch in some time.

A lot happened between Opening Day last year and October, but the Twins ended the year by snapping the dreaded 19-year postseason losing streak and winning their first playoff series since 2002. Starting the season in the exact same place as the last one feels like the right vibes to have from the outset.

Assuming weather doesn't become a factor, the Twins season will officially begin at 3:10 pm CT on March 28th.

Home Opener

Keepig with the theme of things being the same as last year, the Twins won't play a game at Target Field until the third series of the season. Minnesota goes from Kansas City to Milwaukee beofre arriving back in Minneapolis on April 4th to host the Cleveland Guardians.

Who knows what will happen in the AL Central this year, but starting to collect wins over could-be contenders isn't a bad way to start the year. Cleveland threatened to take the Twins to the wire last season before imploding in September, while the Royals loaded up in free agency to try and turn a 106-loss season around in less than a year.

Chicago is really the only team that doesn't pose a threat to Minnesota this year, but you never know what will happen in this division. Detroit is a sneaky team to watch out for, but the Twins won't kick off action against them until the second week of April.

Mother's and Father's Day

The Twins will be on the road for Mother's Day this year, in fact they'll be out of the country. Minnesota finishes a three-game series in Toronto on May 12th, which means Target Field celebrations for the holiday will happen either in the previous series against Seattle or in the next home series against the Yankees.

As for Father's Day, the Twins will host the Oakland A's at 1:10 pm CT.

Per usual, Mother's Day (May 12th) and Father's Day (June 16th) fall on Sundays this year, so plan your baseball trips accordingly.

All-Star Break

Deep in the heart of Texas is where this year's All-Star Game will be held, as Globe Life in Arlington will play host to all of the festivities. The All-Star Break will fall between July 15-19, with the game itself being held on July 16th.

This year's Home Run Derby will happen the day before on July 15th, while the MLB Draft will happen over the weekend leading up. Twins fans might be mildly interested in this year's draft considering all three fellow AL Central teams have Top 10 picks, including the Guardians holding the No. 1 overall pick for the first time in franchise history.

As for the Home Run Derby, there's a chance we see some Twins representation. It's early but it wouldn't be surprising to see Royce Lewis participating, since MLB likes to feature its rising stars alongside any established veterans who agree to take part.

Notable Home Series

With inter-league play fully integrated and normalized, the Twins have a handful of series against teams that might bring folks out to Target Field out of sheer curiosity.

Shohei Ohtani, featuring the Los Angeles Dodgers, will come to Target Field May 8-10, while the Philadelphia Phillies are in town for the first time since 2016 from July 22-24. The Atlanta Braves will be in Minneapolis for the first time since 2019 from August 26-28, which is also notable since it's the team that many believe sunk the Twins to rock bottom last year and inspired the run that eventually ended the 19-year postgame losing streak.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly to Twins fans, the Miami Marlins are returning to Target Field from September 24-26. Not only is it the first time the second Obama adminstration that they're in town, but it's the return of Luis Arraez to Twins Territory for the first time since being traded last January.

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