4 players Twins could target if the Mets have a fire sale at the trade deadline

It's offically trade deadline season and the Twins should look at the Mets for reinforcements.
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J.D. Martinez

Not long ago, the Twins had an aging veteran who could no longer play in the field, but could still hit the ball with incredible success, that player was Nelson Cruz. Much like Cruz, Martinez offers similar attributes.

Martinez has been a solid hitter his entire career and is still producing at 36. He is hitting .267 with five home runs, eight doubles, and a triple.

Martinez would be a great addition and upgrade the designated hitter spot. He would also benefit the Twins with his playoff experience. Martinez has played in 33 postseason games and is a player Twins manager Rocco Baldelli could turn to in high-stress moments.

Potential cost

A couple of factors are working in the Twins' favor when it comes to acquiring Martinez. He is 36 and on a one-year deal, the Mets are looking to trade him, and he doesn't provide any value in the field.

Due to these factors, Martinez shouldn’t cost more than a low to mid-tier prospect, someone between 20-30. If this is the going rate, the Twins should jump at the chance to bring in a bat of Martinez's caliber, who also provides much-needed experience.