MLB insider lists two potential targets for Twins at trade deadline

It sounds like a plan is slowly starting to come together for how Minnesota might approach things.
As the MLB Trade Deadline approaches, the Minnesota Twins plans are slowly being revealed.
As the MLB Trade Deadline approaches, the Minnesota Twins plans are slowly being revealed. / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The MLB Trade Deadline is just a few weeks away, and the rumor mill is turning harder and faster as it approaches.

For the Minnesota Twins this means a few different things. On the one hand, the team very much needs to upgrade its roster if it wants to be taken seriously as World Series contenders. Rumors have been kicked around that link the Twins to big names like Vlad Jr., and more realistic budget buys like Mark Canha.

A potential fly in the ointment is the frugalness of Twins ownership. Aaron Gleeman noted in his most recent mailbag, as he has a few times in the past, that Minnesota is unwilling to add money to next year's payroll. That means no splashy moves for players without expiring contracts, something that narrows the pool.

That might not stop the Twins from making a deal, though.

The Athletic's Jim Bowden gave some intel on where every team stands as the deadline approaches, and sketched out two possible paths forward for the Twins.

Twins reportedly 'surveying' trade market for pitching help ahead of deadline

Once again a right-handed hitting outfielder is among the things he sees Minnesota targeting. Perhaps more notable, he mentioned that the front office has been 'surveying the market' for pitching.

It's not that the Twins being interested in pitching is particularly enlightening information, it's that they seem to be trying to make something happen.

The Twins have been surveying the market for rotation and bullpen depth," Bowden said. "The good health of Carlos Correa and Byron Buxton and the emergence of rookie Brooks Lee have lessened the Twins’ pursuit of another bat, but they could land a right-handed-hitting corner outfielder if a good fit becomes available.

Bowden also mentioned that Minnesota's "aggressive front office" has made a statement at each deadline, which is certainly one way of putting it. The Twins trading seven prospects for two players back in 2022 scarred the front office so badly that it didn't make a move at all last season.

At the time the sales pitch was that talent the Twins had internally was better than what could be found on the trade market. The arrival of Brooks Lee and the continued -- if not stunted -- rise of Royce Lewis backs this up but that's not what they meant at the time.

If the Twins make a trade it will be for pitching, not hitting. Minnesota needs to find a third starter it can confidently send out during a postseason series, something that Bailey Ober simply isn't capable of providing. That's not to say he can't deliever, but the Twins adding a top starter would do wonders for the rotation.

That's been an issue since the winter, though. Minnesota teased fans by saying Jorge Polanco would be used as currency to acwuire pitching help, but ended up salary dumping him for a broken Anthony DeSclafani and Justin Topa -- neither of whom have pitched a single inning yet this season.

FInding bullpen help is always a need for teams trying to contend. Minnesota's relievers were ranked among the best in baseball at the beginning of the season, but that has dropped off big time. Outside of Griffin Jax and Jhoan Duran, the Twins have serious questions in the bullpen that they might try to answer at the deadline.

At the very least, the Twins are lurking around the rumor mill. They might have hands in their pocket while looking at the ground, but it sounds like there will be rumors to be had in the weeks leading up to the deadline.

Whether there's action is a totally different story.

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