Rumor: Twins have looked into adding two former Red Sox starters this offseason

With some extra cash to play with after trading Jorge Polanco, the Twins are assessing some interesting options.
Boston Red Sox v Minnesota Twins
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After an annoyingly quiet winter, the Minnesota Twins finally danced on the hot stove by trading Jorge Polanco to the Seattle Mariners. It was not only the team's first big move, it's one that many believe will lead to at least one more.

There's still some debate over how great the return package for Polanco was, as the Twins failed to fill use their most valuable piece of offseason currency to address the team's biggest need. Rather than replacing Sonny Gray -- even partially -- Minnesota flipped Polanco to acquire someone who replaces Kenta Maeda at the back of the rotation.

Landing reliever Justin Topa and Top 100 prospect Gabriel Gonzalez is nothing to be upset about, but it's hard to not feel a little underwhelmed.

Of course, the deal isn't officially closed. Minnesota got some cash back as part of the trade, which means there's some much-needed financial flexibility the team can now play with to add another player via free agency.

Twins have looked into adding two former Red Sox starters this offseason

Dan Hayes of The Athletic noted that the Twins have looked into both Adam Duvall and Enrique Hernandez as potential additions. Now that the team has some extra cash after trading Polanco, both seem a little more realistic than they did even a week ago.

Duvall was with Boston last season and ended up slashing .247/.303/.531 with 21 homers with 58 RBIs in 92 games. He's probably best suited for a corner outfield role if Minnesota brings him in, but Duvall has experience playing in center as well which could help add depth behind Byron Buxton.

Hernandez feels like the Twins-iest player to have never actually played for the team, as he fits the bill of an everyman utility player who can be plugged into just about any role and thrive. Specifically, Hernandez has the ability to play outfield and second base, which helps add depth in key areas although the logjam of infielders might take some of the shine away.

As Hayes points out, the Twins already have Willi Castro and Nick Gordon -- players who do what Hernandez does but at a cheaper cost.

If there's a player out of this rumor that makes sense it's Duvall, who adds power the Twins need and can play all three outfield positions. He's not the only option, as a reunion with Donovan Solano has been teased, and Duvall would likely take up most of the newfound cash but it at least shows the Twins aren't done shopping yet.

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