Somehow the Canadian government allowed the Twins rally sausage into Toronto

It's a journey that not only won't end but has now gone international.
Boston Red Sox v Minnesota Twins
Boston Red Sox v Minnesota Twins / Brace Hemmelgarn/GettyImages

Some folks go their whole lives and never leave the town they grew up in, others live an entire life without having gone on a plane or traveled internationally.

The Minnesota Twins rally sausage will have done all of those things when it's time comes.

What started as Kyle Farmer probably forgetting to put away a log of summer sausage he took out in th Twins clubhouse has become a symbol for the team's winning ways. When Minnesota started turning its season around back on April 21st, the sausage has taken on a life of its own and is now as important a part of the lineup as Max Kepler or Carlos Correa.

Even when the Twins 12-game winning streak came to an end last weekend, and the sausage was rumored to have been destroyed, its demise was greatly exaggerated. In fact, the Twins refuesd to give up on it and have continued to carry it around.

Whether or not that's playing into the team qinning 15 of its last 17 games is yet to be seen, because the sausage simply will not go away. Neither will the Twins winning ways, which is why it was taken across the Canadien border for this weekend's series in Toronto.

Twins were able to bring the Rally Sausage to Canada as its legend and power grows

There was a fear among those in the Twins clubhouse that the sausage would't be allowed through customs, but that was the latest example of doubting its power.

Not only did the rally sausage make it across the Canadien border, but it was treated to a photoshoot at the famous CN Tower in Toronto.

If this feels like it's getting a little out of control, then it's advisable to lighten up a little bit. It's probably the dumbest thing a team has rallied around as a good luck charm, but it also perfectly embodies the team's spirit.

Part of the reason fans love this Twins team so much is the personalities peppered throughout the clubhouse. It's a collection of goofballs, and they're our goofballs -- the sausage is a McGuffin for the vibes.

Perhaps the fishing vest and pole is a more approriate hime run celebration, but the Twins have found a way to embrace wierdness on the field and channel it into creating one of the best teams we've seen in a while.

That's what the sausage represents, not the biohazard it's being made out to be. And if it was really that dangerous it wouldn't have been allowed into Canada, so consider that the next time someone makes fun of it.

They're not making fun of the sausage, they're making fun of the Twins. For as weird as that sounds, it feels completely right for this team.

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