Minnesota Twins rain delay and postponement ticket policy: Everything to know

Here’s how the Twins handle tickets for games that get delayed or postponed.
Tampa Bay Rays v Minnesota Twins
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Rain delays and postponements stink, but they’re just a part of the game. Usually teams do all that they can to ensure a game is played on time as moving it around does more than just inconvenience fans who were planning on attending a game.

The Minnesota Twins are lucky — or unlucky — enough to get all four seasons packed into a 162 game schedule. Early months threaten snow, the spring summer months might bring thunderstorms, and the fall is just plain cold.

Baring some sort of apocalyptically cold weather, games aren’t going to get called off due to low temps but there’s always a first time for everything. More commonly games are pushed around the schedule due to bad weather like rain or storms, which then puts fans in a situation of needing to figure out how to make sure the ticket they purchased for that game can still be honored at a later date.

Minnesota Twins rain delay and postponement ticket policy 2024

What happens to Twins tickets if a game is postponed to another date?

While the Twins don’t offer refunds for tickets, even in the event of bad weather, the good news is the ticket carries over to the new date. So, for instance, if a fan had a ticket to the April 7th game against Cleveland that got moved to August 9th, that fan can still attend the game in four months the same way they would have earlier.

Let’s say you can’t attend that game because you’re spending the week up at the cabin or something. In the event a fan is unable to attend the rescheduled date, they can exchange the ticket for one of equal value at another home game.

The catch is that the ticket needs to have been purchased directly from the Minnesota Twins. Secondary market tickets are ineligible for this exchange policy.

What happens to Twins Pass tickets for games that get postponed?

We all love Twins Pass and the ability it gives fans to just show up at the ballpark and have themselves a day. One downside, though, is when the game gets delayed and the value of having that day on your Twins Pass is rendered useless.

Never fear, there’s a plan for that too.

If a game is postponed and a fan has Twins Pass, that fan will be able to use it for the rescheduled date even if they don’t purchase a pass for the month the game is played. To use the April 7th example again, any fan who had Twins Pass for April will be able to attend the August 9th game even if they do’t purchase an August pass.

How to exchange Twins tickets that were purchased on secondary resellers

Unfortunately this is where fans are on their own. Any ticket or pass that is purchased directly from the Minnesota Twins is protected against delays and postponements, but tickets purchased on apps like StubHub or TickPick are not eligible for any of the exchange policies.

Any fan who purchased a secondary market ticket should contact the reseller they used. The Twins have nothing to do with those companies and contacting them about your secondary market ticket will simply get you pointed back in their direction.

It stinks, but that’s teh risk of using the secondary market resellers to get cheap tickets. The good news is that the chances of spending tons of money on them are low so you might be able to chalk it up to a loss. However, most companies have some sort of policy for games that are delayed or postponed that work similarly to what the Twins offer.

So while it might not be as simple as going through the Twins to secure makeup date tickets, fans who purchased tickets through a secondary reseller will absolutely be able to attend the makeup game and just need to iron out those details independently.

There are some other policies the Twins have to protect fans against delays and postponements that can be found here. Beat writer Do-Hyoung Park also passed along a quick reference guide as well which should be helpful.

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